2017 Circuit Madness Voting Open! Vote on the Best Scores of All Time!


It’s March, and that means it is Circuit Madness time! 2017 Circuit Madness brings us a new bracket, and this year, our own Mark Johnson worked hard to set up the tournament. While in the past we’ve done acting categories, Mark has seeded the Academy Award-winning scores of the last 90 years.

For those who are just now joining us for their first Circuit Madness, the rules are simple. Our contenders can only be films that won the category of the year. For example, “Schindler’s List” won in 1993 and will be in the competition. On the other hand, “Jurassic Park” will not be in the competition because it wasn’t even nominated. This means some iconic scores or uses of classical music are not eligible for our competition.

One other note for unique to 2017 Circuit Madness. In previous years, we’ve used categories with only 1 winner. However, the history of the score category is slightly different from other categories. Over the years, the Academy has introduced and removed several categories from contention that related to Score. Some of these categories include Best Score- Adaptation or Treatment, Best Original Song Score, and Best Original Musical or Comedy Score. Any film that won an Oscar for “score” is included in our competition, even if only in the bakeoff bracket.

Speaking of which, the voting is officially open for our bake-off films. If you don’t see your favorite scores present, that means they are in the tournament already. The potential 12 seeds are in the voting below. The top 4 at-large films will be distributed amongst the bracket and we’ll begin voting on the tournament. We’re opening the voting for one day only, so vote now to let your voice be heard.

[polldaddy poll=9695458]

Who do you think will emerge victorious out of the at-large films? Which scores are you most excited to vote for? Let us know on the message boards and in the comments below! 

At-Large voting closes on March 16th.