Circuit Madness 2017 Round 2 Voting Opens! Round 1 Results Here


We’ve wrapped up the first round of Circuit Madness 2017, and like the NCAA tournament, there were upsets abound. While none of our top 2 seeds dropped, we had some high seeds take a dive. We’re also guaranteed at least one double-digit seed in the Sweet Sixteen. It was an interesting first week, so let’s dive into the results before opening up Circuit Madness 2017 Round 2!

Round 1 Results

We’re diving into the results of round 1, and we’re going to get started in the Newman Division. First up, “Lawrence of Arabia” took care of “Yankee Doodle Dandy,” 94% to 6%. “Life is Beautiful” takes out fellow foreign film “Il Postino,” 77% to 23%. This sets up “Lawrence of Arabia” vs. “Life is Beautiful” for a Round 2 showdown.

In the battle of Alan Menken vs. Alan Menken, “Beauty and the Beast” emerged victorious (sorry Aladdin) 78% to 22%. It faces off against “Ben-Hur” in round two, which dropped “The Red Shoes,” 69% to 31%.   7-seed “Brokeback Mountain” took care of “The Right Stuff” 77% to 23%. “Doctor Zhivago” also advances over “The Best Years of Our Life,” 81% to 19%.

Our first upset of the tournament goes to “The Way We Were,” which toppled 6 seed “Summer of ’42” 80% to 20%. However, that’s not the only upset of the division, with “Atonement” besting “Bridge on the River Kwai” 56% to 44%. This means 11-seeded “The Way We Were” will go up against 14-seeded “Atonement” in the second round, which guarantees at least 1 double-digit seed in the Sweet Sixteen.

Next up, the Williams Division looks like our upset king. Several of the rounds went the way many would have assumed. “Jaws” easily topped “Babel,” 87% to 13%. “Dances with Wolves” and “Out of Africa” each advanced to give us a John Barry vs. John Barry Round 2 matchup. “The Social Network” knocked off “The Last Emperor,” 76% to 24% while “E.T.” put a beating on Best Picture “Shakespeare in Love” 89% to 11%.

However, there were 3 upsets of note. “Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid” easily outpaced “Stagecoach” with an 81% to 19% victory. More surprising was the beating “The Hateful Eight” put on “High Noon.” The new western from Ennio Morricone won 65% to 35%. Another big seed fell, with “Gravity” besting “Sunset Boulevard,” 56% to 44%. This gives us another double-digit battle, this time between two films that won the Oscar within the last five years.

The Steiner Division also had 3 upsets in the first round. “Star Wars” kicked off its run with a 90% to 10% drubbing of “An American in Paris.” However, it will run into one of its own in the second round. “The Little Mermaid” advanced over “Purple Rain,” with a 65% to 35% margin. This sets up two Disney properties against each other in round 2.

Speaking of Disney properties going head-to-head, “Up” faced off against “Mary Poppins” in the first round. “Up” prevailed, taking the round 59% to 41%. It gets another tough test immediately, with “Slumdog Millionaire” pulling off an upset over “The Omen,” 64% to 36%. The two won the Original Score Oscar in back-to-back years, so we’ll see who would have emerged victorious if they had gone head-to-head.

“Titanic” sank any hopes “Love is a Many Splendored Thing” had in the tournament, besting the film 91% to 9%. “Schindler’s List” also took out its competition 65% to 35% over “The Grand Budapest Hotel.” “Breakfast at Tiffany’s also took care of business against “The Adventures of Robin Hood,” 80% to 20%. However, “Breakfast at Tiffany’s” immediately faces “La La Land,” which absolutely wiped the floor with “Born Free” with a 92% to 8% victory.

In our last bracket, “The Godfather Part 2” easily triumphed over “The Red Violin.” That said, it will definitely face the toughest test in Round 2 of any of the 1-seeds. In Round 2, it takes on “The Lion King,” which won it’s first round 89% to 11% over “The English Patient.” That sets up a very interesting 2nd round, with Disney’s

renaissance going up against a classic cinema score.

The Sound of Music” also continued to march on, delivering a crushing defeat to “Love Story,” 84% to 16%. It faces off against one of the unique scores in the competition “Crouching Tiger, Hidden Dragon.” “Crouching Tiger” defeated the popular score of “Finding Neverland,” 57% to 43%. “The Wizard of Oz” advanced through “A Place in the Sun,” 92% to 8%. “Chariots of Fire” also came out on top62% to 38%.

Last but not least, we have one of our more interesting matchups in the 2nd round. “The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King” upended “West Side Story,” 60% to 40%. Awaiting it in the 2nd round is “The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring,” which knocked off “Pinocchio” with a 74% to 26% win. It’ll be interesting to see which score readers go for, especially considering the overlapping use of film across the movies.

Circuit Madness 2017 Round 2 Voting Opens

With all the rounds sorted out, it’s time for us to get to the round of 32. There are certainly some interesting matchups, so make sure you relisten to some of the scores as you go! With that said, let’s open up the voting!

The Portman Division

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The Steiner Division

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The Williams Division

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The Newman Division

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What do you think? Which upsets are you surprised about? Which upsets could happen in the 2nd round? Let us know in the comments below! 

Circuit Madness Round 2 Will Conclude on March 23rd. The Sweet 16 will open up voting on March 24th!