Community: Which “Kid Shows” Should Receive Gritty Reboots?

Power Rangers Trailer

In the current entertainment climate, there’s a consistent call for our favorite shows from years past to get a cool reboot. With peak TV continuing to pay dividends with the amount of content available, many of our favorite shows have returned in some fashion. “Veronica Mars” made its way to the big screen, “Gilmore Girls” received a revival series. This week, the “Power Rangers” come storming back to the big screen for the first time since 1995. The show was a staple of most childhoods in some iteration, so the thought to revive the franchise makes sense. With Power Rangers off the board, which other “kids shows” would you like to see get a gritty reboot? We break down a few, but let us know your picks on the Awards Circuit Message boards.

1. “Are You Afraid of the Dark?”

One of the seminal horror series of my youth, “Are You Afraid of the Dark” was absolutely terrifying to kids everywhere. The show took pages out of the Stephen King book of horror and would fit in extremely well with the current landscape of television. One part “Twilight Zone” and one part “Black Mirror,” the series ran anthology-style episodes to scare audiences. While the series had several regulars, it also had a rotating group of guest stars that became extremely famous. Perhaps the most famous star was Ryan Gosling, but others like Neve CampbellEmily VanCamp and Jay Baruchel all made appearances on the series. Reviving the series on a streaming service would make a lot of sense for someone like Netflix or Hulu.   

2. “Beetlejuice”

While the “Beetlejuice” television show was a spinoff from the film, the series was able to add a lot to the mythology of the Beetlejuice universe. There’s a fair argument that we’ll never see Michael Keaton reprise the role. Secretly, this might be the best thing for Keaton and Tim Burton.  That said, the cries for a new “Beetlejuice” are there, so why not give a new series a shot? It seems like the concept is working for “A Series of Unfortunate Events” on Netflix. A new film or series could easily work in the show’s favor. Considering the popularity of the horror/comedy genre, the Beetlejuice expanded universe is ripe for a reimagining.

3. “Courage the Cowardly Dog”

Like “Are You Afraid of the Dark,” “Courage” was surprisingly dark for its time. The series follows a dog living in the middle of nowhere while weird things happen around him. The dog, Courage, tries to save his family, but they are often ignorant to the strange happenings. While the show doesn’t need to be as terrifying as “Are You Afraid of the Dark?” the show could certainly use some more adult themes. For instance, think of adding some scary elements of recent horror films like “The Conjuring” or “The Babbadook,” and fusing them into an animated series. Using an animated format to tell a horror story would be fun and interesting.

What do you think? What shows would you want to see rebooted? Let us know on the Awards Circuit Message Boards!

“Power Rangers” opens on March 24.