Circuit Breaker Episode 39: ‘The Last Jedi’ Trailer, ACCA 1993 Noms, and Circuit Madness Final 4


Welcome to the Awards Circuit podcast titled “CIRCUIT BREAKER!,” a weekly podcast from featuring host Clayton Davis along with panelists Sam Coffey, Mark Johnson and Joey Magidson. We discuss movies, television and all the awards shows that need predicting. New episodes are released every Monday. Find us on Twitter at @Circuit_Pod, email us at, and submit your comments and questions at the bottom of the episode.

On the agenda:

  • Circuit Madness Final 4 results.  Which two iconic scores made it into the finals?!
  • The new trailer for “Star Wars: The Last Jedi” debuted and we break it all down and offer up our theories on where this could all be going.
  • The votes are in!  We announce the 1993 Awards Circuit Community Awards nominations. Which film leads the fray?  What surprises could we be in store for?
  • We also take questions from our esteemed readers!

Comment and send in #CinephileShowdowns, #ChoosetheGold and #ACCircuitBreaker questions in the comment section below!

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  • Joey Magidson


    • Lakeshow

      I think you beat me to it

      • Joey Magidson

        Yup. That’ll teach you!

  • Lakeshow

    Enjoy! – joey

  • Agenor Mark

    All this hate for THE PIANO… A classic movie backlash. Are you guys aware that TP is the only movie you’ve been “s**ting on” in every podcast? I really hope it’s not intentional, because some of the voters might be impressionable and be swayed by your negative remarks. Whatever the reasons, it’s definitely not fair. I’m quite surprised it managed to get nominated in 7 categories.
    It’s on my list of favorite movies of all time, so I thought I might be biased, but looking at the metacritic (89 metascore) and RT (90%) my fear of being delusional disappeared. As Roger Ebert said in his 4/4 star review: “The Piano” is as peculiar and haunting as any film I’ve seen… It is one of those rare movies that is not just about a story, or some characters, but about a whole universe of feeling – of how people can be shut off from each other, lonely and afraid, about how help can come from unexpected sources, and about how you’ll never know if you never ask.”

    • Spencer

      The Piano is a fantastic film and deserved all of the Oscar wins it received.

    • Chris James

      I’m with you Mark and Spencer.
      I’ll be the lone “Piano” defender on the podcast. Let’s get Holly Hunter the win!!!

      • Agenor Mark

        And besides Hunter, let’s get Jane Campion the best director win!!! 🙂

  • Spencer

    Star Wars: Episode IV – A New Hope vs. The Lord of the Rings: The Fellowship of the Ring.

    Now let’s get serious about this.

  • Spencer

    I’m pretty disappointed that Jerry Goldsmith did not get nominated for Best Original Score for “Rudy”.

  • Baggins

    i am just astounded. we went with Robin Williams in a fat suit before an actual compelling performance from Bill Murray.
    I love Robin Williams and i really liked Ms. Doubtfire, but this was a mistake

    • I think the mistake was in not nominating both.

      • Calvin Damon

        But who do you take out? Denzel Washington? I’d rather take out Robin Williams than Denzel Washington. And Tom Hanks and Liam Neeson are out of the question lol. But honestly, Denzel Washington probably should’ve been supporting. You guys should’ve at least given us a choice between whether to nominate him lead or supporting like Laura Dern.

        • Putting Denzel in for supporting actor would be category fraud. He and Tom Hanks have much nearly equal screen time and each had a separate story. They were co-leads.

  • Ryan

    Alan, Albert, Alejandro, Aaron, Alex, Alfred, Alvin, Alfonso, Andre, Anthony, Adrian, Antoine, Antonio, Arnold, Aiden, Arthur, Austin.
    It was worth a shot… Anyways

    Power Hour Question:

    In your opinion, has there ever been a bad film that had a good sequel?

  • Spencer

    Liam Neeson has to win Best Actor.

  • Kevin

    I agree with Karen about Luke’s final line. I think that’s also the most interesting way to go. Seeing them change how the Jedi behave and what they do seems like it could be great.

    Also, I think Carrie Fischer’s brother is the one who claimed she’d be in episode 9 from already shot footage, but Kathleen Kennedy did then say that wasn’t true,

  • Luke McGowan

    Why were so many people upset by Jaws losing? Jaws is iconic but I can recognise more of Shores themes than I can recognise notes in Jaws theme

    • Calvin Damon

      Agreed. Jaws has that one iconic theme but Lord of the Rings has countless classic tracks. So does Star Wars though, so this will be interesting. I’m voting LOTR myself but I honestly think it will end up being Star Wars

  • Peter Templeman

    Good list for the ACCA. I would have personally loved to see some love for Naked but nevertheless it’s still a damn good list.

  • Ferdinand

    1. Do you think that The Last Jedi could just have premiered in december without releasing a trailer at all? Would it actually make you more excited for the film? I’ve never been that into Star Wars but for example the new Twin Peaks just having trailers of Lynch eating a donut makes me more excited to see the show whereas basic trailers would just reveal what’s going to happen. Or could Star Wars even have a weird, more fun ad campaign since it’s such a big studio product?

    2. Cinephile showdown: lone director Oscar nominees or bp nominees without a directing nomination:
    Diving Bell and Butterfly or Atonement
    United 93 or Little Miss Sunshine
    Talk to Her or The Lord of the Rings: the Two Towers
    Mulholland Dr. and Black Hawk Down or Moulin Rouge! and In the Bedroom
    Dead Man Walking and Leaving Las Vegas or Sense and Sensibility and Apollo 13
    Short Cuts or The Fugitive
    The Player or A Few Good Men
    Crimes and Misdemeanors and Henry V or Dead Poets Society and Field of Dreams
    Ran or The Color Purple

  • Kevin

    I’m actually okay with Lord of the Rings beating Jaws. The score for Jaws is phenomenal, but it’s really only known for the shark attack parts. Whereas with Lord of the Rings, you have the Hobbit theme, the Weathertop theme, Isanguards music, Boromir’s death music, and best of all Gandalf’s death music, which is outstanding. While the shark theme from Jaws might be better than those, as a whole I think Lord of the Rings take the prize.

    • Calvin Damon

      Agreed. Jaws is iconic and classic but Lord of the Rings is on a whole other level entirely. I think I’ll even vote for it over Star Wars, as hard as it is to pick anything over Star Wars

  • Ryan

    Cinephile Showdown: (Box Office 2017)

    Beauty and the Beast (2017) OR The Jungle Book (2016)
    Logan OR Deadpool
    Get Out OR The Cabin in the Woods
    The Lego Batman Movie OR The Lego Movie
    Kong: Skull Island OR Godzilla