Spoilers ahead. HBO just released a new trailer for the long awaited Season 7 of its smash hit “Game of Thrones.” The trailer backs up last month’s trailer for the new season. Unlike the first trailer, where all three monarchs are featured walking to their thrones, we get another glimpse of the battle royale beginning in Westeros. The action-packed montage will have you on pins and needles for the “Game of Thrones” premiere on July 16.

At first glance, it looks like the Stark family is finally gaining some traction in Westeros. Jon and Arya trudge through the snows near the Wall, preparing for their war with the whitewalkers. The wildings fight with blazing swords alongside the King of the North, and Lady Brienne stands tall in her furs, Podrick at her side. Bran continues to scry, though it’s unclear if or when he reunites with the Stark brood. Arya Stark makes her return, dressed like a seasoned warrior of the North, with her hair styled like her late father. The Hound, Arya’s frenemy, is seen fighting, though who knows which banner he fights under.

Daenerys Targaryen has a homecoming of her own.  The trailer features a lonely walk through her family’s original home and the surrounding cliffs.  Her army of The Unsullied continues to fight for her, and her advisors still support their queen.  Tyrion gazes pensively into the distance in his brief time onscreen, uncomfortable returning to Westeros. Her dragons came with their mother, making themselves busy flying and snarling angrily into the camera.

King’s Landing is as unstable and violent as always, Jaime Lannister stomping around in the foreground as Cersei Lannister holds the Iron Throne and the city riots.  Littlefinger lurks menacingly, as per usual.

Finally, the Greyjoys have also entered the fray, though it’s unclear where the Greyjoys feature in the fight for the Iron Throne.  As Yara wasn’t featured in the “Long Walk” trailer, perhaps she aligns with one of the other families in the Iron Island’s play for more land and power.

The new season of “Game of Thrones” premieres July 16.

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