James Mangold’s ‘Logan’ Follow-Up Gets 2019 Release Date


Even before the hit film “Logan” elevated his stature earlier this year, James Mangold was always known as a very solid filmmaker. Just look to “Cop Land” and you’ll see that, if anything, he’s underrated as a director. Working in the superhero genre has gotten Mangold on to the A-list, and now, following up his two tours with Wolverine, he’s got a new project ready to go. Next, he’s going back to the world of crooked cops and directing the adaptation of a hotly anticipated new novel.

According to a report from Variety, 20th Century Fox has set a March 1, 2019 release date for Mangold’s “The Force“. It’s the movie adaptation of Don Winslow‘s upcoming book, with the adaptation being written by none other than David Mamet. This is quite the combination of talent, so there’s good reason to be excited. If anyone can knock this tale of corrupt NYPD officers out of the park, it’s Mangold. Put it down as a film to really look forward to in 2019.

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