Community: ACCA TV 2017 is Now Open for Voting!


Hello readers! Welcome to ACCA TV 2017! We’ve opened voting for this year’s TV ballots in time for ACCA to have their voices heard. We want you to rally for your favorite shows and performers for this year in television. It was a spectacular year filled with new shows and old favorites. With so many amazing shows, we looked at the Emmy ballot that is available for all to browse. This includes official submissions for categories, so we went with the same category placement as Emmy.

We’ve also given you a varying number of votes for each of the categories. You get 10 votes for Best Comedy, Drama, Writing for Comedy/Drama, and Best Ensembles for Comedy/Drama. All acting categories get six votes each. All other categories get five votes. Not all categories will have as many nominees as we allow votes, but with larger groups, we understand the voting will be tighter. There are no minimum votes, so you can do as many, or as few categories as you wish.

Last year’s voting was wildly popular and provided ACCA with some very strong nominees. Last year ACCA votes went for unconventional choices for nominees, including Alan Alda for “Horace and Pete,”  Mads Mikkelson for “Hannibal,” and Krysten Ritter Jessica Jones.” We’re hoping for another diverse slate of nominees this year!

Below we’ve embedded the ballot for ACCA TV 2017. You can also access the ballot here in a separate window. Next week, we’re opening ACCA 1992, so give one last push to catch up on your 1992 films now!

Good luck voting and have a great time! Put your FYCs in the comments below!

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Edit: We’ve added the Animated Series poll here. Thanks for requesting it!
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What do you think? Post your FYCs in the comments below!

ACCA TV 2017 Closes on July 14th, 2017.