CHECK OUT: Jessica Chastain is All Glamour in First Image from ‘Molly’s Game’

MOLLY'S GAME Jessica Chastain

Aaron Sorkin‘s directorial debut “Molly’s Game” doesn’t hit theaters until November, but Entertainment Weekly provided an early glimpse.

The official production photo was accompanied by an interview in which the film’s star, Jessica Chastain, shared thoughts on the film, her co-stars, and poker.

“Molly’s Game” is based on the memoir by Molly Bloom. Bloom was a member of the US ski team, hoping for a shot at Olympic gold. While the medal eluded her, she went on to organize high stakes poker games for the super rich. Her success eventually put her at odds with the FBI when she became the target of an investigation.

When asked about the plot, Chastain told EW:

Basically, the film follows along with the book, but also a lot of very interesting things happened to Molly after the book came out, which includes being arrested by the FBI, and so [Aaron Sorkin] really has woven together the different parts of her life: her athletic and academic excellence, alongside with going to Los Angeles and trying to figure out what one has to become to be a leader and to find success — and all that is also woven with her court case.

In addition to directing, Aaron Sorkin also wrote the screenplay. Sorkin won an Academy Award for writing the adapted screenplay for “The Social Network.” He was also nominated for “Moneyball.” In addition, he wrote the scripts for “The American President,” “A Few Good Men,” and “Steve Jobs.” He also won several Primetime Emmy Awards for “The West Wing.” While he has written and produced, this is his first time directing a film.

Jessica Chastain starred in last year’s “Miss Sloane.” Chastain was nominated for her first Academy Award for her role in “The Help.” She was nominated again the next year for Kathryn Bigelow’s “Zero Dark Thirty.”

She co-stars with Idris Elba, whose latest film, “The Dark Tower” opened just last week. Elba also stars in this fall’s “Thor: Ragnarok,” and “The Mountain Between Us.”

“Molly’s Game” is set for release on November 22.

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