Circuit Breaker Episode 60: ‘Get Out’s’ Chances, Animated Weakness, and ‘Dunkirk’ Fading?


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On the agenda:

  • A recap of the Emmy winners.  The highlights of the evening’s surprises and predictions.
  • We talk about some Oscar campaign announcements including Allison Williams going LEAD for her work in “Get Out.”  Speaking of Jordan Peele’s film, how much of a chance does it have garnering a Best Picture nomination?  Does it have a better chance than “The Big Sick” in terms of big comedies making a play?
  • Animated Feature is looking weaker by the day.  Is it predestined that “Coco” will be our winner?
  • There were lots of trailers this past week including Wes Anderson’s “Isle of Dogs,” National Geographic’s “Jane,” Kenneth Branagh’s “Murder on the Orient Express,” 20th Century Fox’s “Ferdinand,” Noah Baumbach’s “The Meyerowitz Stories (New and Selected),” Todd Haynes’ “Wonderstruck,” and Roar Uthaug’s “Tomb Raider.”
  • Are Christopher Nolan and “Dunkirk” REALLY set up well for the Oscars?
  • We run through some of the acting categories and how they are shaping up?

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  • Joey Magidson


  • AndreTheTurtle

    I have a question. I remember there being a rule where there has to be a certain number of films in contention for the Animated Feature category in order for a certain number of nominations to happen. I think it was some like if there were 15 or less films, they would only nominate 3, and if there was 16 or more, they would nominate 5. Is this rule still in effect, or have they changed it in the past few years(since the last time it was only three was like 6 years ago)? And if it is still a rule, since this year is such a weak animated feature year, is there a chance we only get 3?

    • From Rule VII, “Animated Feature”:

      All submitted eligible films will be made available to the Animated Feature Nominating Committee.The committee will vote by secret ballot to nominate from 2 to 5 motion pictures for this award. In any year in which 8 to 12 animated feature films are released in Los Angeles County and submitted for consideration, either 2 or 3 motion pictures may be nominated. In any year in which 13 to 15 animated feature films are released and submitted, a maximum of 4 motion pictures may be nominated. In any year in which 16 or more animated feature films are released and submitted, a maximum of 5 motion pictures may be nominated.

      • AndreTheTurtle

        Thanks for the update for the rules. So regardless, we will probably be getting at least 4 nominations, but more than likely 5. Damn. XD.

  • Just a bit of Oscar trivia: Clayton mentioned that the last time a director won without his film getting nominations in writing or acting was the first Academy Awards, when Frank Borzage won for 7th Heaven. Actually Janet Gaynor won Best Actress for her work in three movies, one of them being 7th Heaven. But the 1st Academy Awards actually had two directing awards: one for dramatic picture, which Borzage won, and one for comedy picture, which went to Lewis Milestone for Two Arabian Kights; that’s the one that wasn’t nominated for acting or writing.

  • Evandro Lannuci Rêgo Magalhães

    I think that “Get Out” has a great chance in next years’ Oscars, because it’s such a well done picture and I think Paramount will make a great campaign for it. Think it can be nominated for:

    – Best Picture;
    – Best Director: Jordan Peele;
    – Best Actor: Daniel Kaluuya;
    – Best Supporting Actress: Betty Gabriel;
    – Best Original Screenplay: Jordan Peele;
    – Best Film Editing: Gregory Plotikin.

    6 nominations in total, or 5, if Daniel Kaluuya doens’t go for Actor in a Leading Role.
    Discuss what do you you think about this, folks! Clayton, what do you think?

    • Reece

      I wrote a comment before I read this one, it’s probably above. That’s my reply to your question

  • Reece

    One thing that should be noted about Get Out is the reviews. While get out may seem like a “perfect” movie with a 99% on Rotten Tomatoes, if you look closely at the scores of each review most of them are like 4/5, 3/4, A-…

    If you go on Metacritic and look at the reviews, only 3 critics gave Get Out a perfect score. Most of the high percentages are bc almost every critic liked Get Out, giving it positive reviews. however, not too many critics ADORED Get Out..

    I’m not sure if these critics can reflect on the average voter, we’ll see.

  • Raul Gama

    I don’t mind a person getting an oscar early, if it’s well deserved, Sam Mendes won for his first film but he completely deserved it, as well as Damien Chazelle, who actually should’ve been nominated also for Whiplash, specially over Bennet Miller and Morten Tyldum.

    Also when people pull the trigger early because they think they won’t have a chance in the future or whatever reason, that’s when we have Sandras Bullocks winning for the Bilnd Side.

    • Yeah, that’s how I was talking about pulling the trigger early. In my opinion, Barry Jenkins was more deserving of the Oscar than Chazelle. I don’t feel Chazelle’s work has truly earned him the prize yet. Which is why I see it as the Academy moving too quickly on him.

      • Raul Gama

        Agreed on the pulling trigger theory Karen! I still think Damien deserved the win, cause we feel differently about LLL.

        That brings another question u guys could discuss on the podcast,

        in your personal opinion, who do you think should win a best director oscar, The one who directed the best picture or the “best directorial achievement”? (Ex: Tom McCarthy’s Spotlight vs Inarritu’s The Revenant)

  • Cornelius Buttersby

    In terms of directors who missed their chance at recognition, the first to come to mind was Tim Burton. They should also have mobilised on Martin Scorsese sooner, since The Departed doesn’t represent his career as well as Goodfellas or Raging Bull.

    On the Oscar race, I think Clayton is one of the last prognosticators placing Hammer above Stuhlbarg for Call Me by Your Name. Stuhlbarg is a well-liked character actor, appearing in another two prestigious pictures this year (Shape of Water and The Post), who gets a great monologue scene which closes the film. I think he’ll contend for a win.
    Hammer, on the other hand, is quite an elusive character – he spends much of the film as an unreadable object of desire for Chalamet’s Elio. He doesn’t particularly have a scene, and his career hasn’t earned a nomination like Stuhlbarg’s (who has appeared in multiple best picture nominees already). In supporting actress, I think people are underestimating Tatiana Maslany, who gets a showy, co-lead role and has received rave reviews.

    On Get Out, I think it may have more staying power than people think. With the exception of Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 2 (which came with heavy franchise baggage), every film with the best rating of approval of the year on rotten tomatoes has made an expanded best picture lineup. Deserved or not, Get Out even makes RT’s top 10 of all time. Back in 2015, many prognosticators were similarly soft on Mad Max due to its franchise baggage and genre trappings, but the reviews had staying power. With so many films vying for the unusual genre flick spot (Blade Runner 2049, any number of Summer block busters with decent reviews), it could obviously miss like you say, but leave it out at your peril.

  • Ryan

    Circuit Breaker Question:

    Since we may be living in a world where Gary Oldman wins an Oscar and John Lithgow wins an Emmy for playing the same character, name a prominent public figure past or present who you want to see star in their own movie and TV show, and which two actors would you like to see play them?

  • Raul Gama

    Circuit Breaker question: Which of these doubles do u think is most likely to present The Best Director ar The oscars this year?

    Inarritu and Cuarón?

    Michael Caine and Tom Hardy?

    Hanks and Streep?