Circuit Breaker Episode 66: Golden Globe Submissions, Horror Bias, and Documentary Feature


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On the agenda:

  • We’re discussing our favorite Halloween and horror films.
  • The Critics Choice Documentary Awards are Thursday, Nov. 2 and we discuss some of the year’s best thus far.
  • FYC Tracker check-in.  What are the screeners hitting doorsteps?
  • Why has the horror genre been treated so unfairly by the Academy and how can it help “Get Out” in Best Picture?
  • The Golden Globes have had all their submissions and we discuss some of the contenders in Drama and Comedy or Musical.
  • Better late than never, we finally break down the trailer for “Phantom Thread” from Paul Thomas Anderson and starring Daniel Day-Lewis.
  • Box Office was modest and we discuss last week’s openings including “Thank You for Your Service.”
  • Lots of Cinephile Showdowns and questions from the readers!
  • Sharing our thoughts on Kevin Costner out of nowhere.

Comment and send in #CinephileShowdowns#DeleteTheActor,
#ChoosetheGold, and #ACCircuitBreaker questions in the comment section below!

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  • Joey Magidson


  • Phil

    Homophobia (specifically two men) is definitely at play in the criticism of the Call Me By Your Name age difference. It’s the same age difference as Dirty Dancing, Blue is the Warmest Color and so on that did not receive the same comments. The criticisms feed into the homophobic stereotypes that plague the community and this can’t be ignored. Elio is not a child, in the eyes of the law he’s a legally consenting adult. As for how old the actors look, that’s completely a matter of individual perspective and opinion. I don’t think Chalamet especially looks a day under 17. Hammer is 31 but was 29 when he filmed it. Let’s be more careful about how we talk about this movie please, we don’t need to try and make it into something that it isn’t.

  • Phil

    Okay. If my comments are going to get deleted, can I at least be told why?

    • Rapid Readers

      I think (but not 100% sure) that certain comments that may generate heavy opinions that might backlash this site get deleted for safety purposes. Once again, not 100% sure.

  • dylanfan35

    I posted this on the last one but it was after you guys recorded. Funny Tom Cruise wasn’t mentioned in the last one…Magnolia was but thats it.

    Fairly new to you guys and the site(about 6 weeks), not big into predicting but love just rooting for my personal favorites to be recognized where they deserve to be(which is obviously where I think they should be haha). But I couldn’t enjoy your thoughts more every week, please keep up the great work. A few questions…hoping this is the right place to post this. I think Tom Cruise has been mentioned in every podcast I’ve listened too so to not break the trend I’d love to hear everyone’s and especially Karen’s thoughts on his Eyes Wide Shut performance as I just rewatched it on netflix. I’m a big fan of the movie, it was a great year for lead actors and after the reception he obviously had no chance but I actually have him in my top five. It’s in my top 3 of Cruise performances as well. Thoughts?
    And your preferences on the below.
    Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting(film and Williams performances)?
    Color of Money or Nobody’s Fool(film and Newmans performances)?
    Before the Devil Knows Your Dead or A Most Wanted Man(film and Hoffmans performances)?

  • AndreTheTurtle

    To be fair, I kind of agree with Karen about Rogue One. If it weren’t for Episodes 1 and 2, I might say it is the worst Star Wars movie.

    • dylanfan35

      I also I agree with Karen and also found myself struggling to get thru Rogue One where the Force Awakens had me from start to finish. But I’m not a crazy Star Wars fan either so i’m not the audience those movies I feel are trying to cater too.

  • James M

    Clayton, Karen, Mark & Sam – thank you for a fun, insightful conversation. I appreciate your work.

    Joey – Any chance you can refrain being aegist for one podcast? You remind me of my classmates at Yale (earnest, heady, insecure, and fun) – it is a turn off when your go-to joke is about someone being older than you. It’s redundant.
    .. btw, I wasn’t implying you went to Yale.

  • Cornelius Buttersby

    Gut instinct; what wins Best Film at BAFTA? Dunkirk or Darkest Hour? Or is it like Boyhood where the non-British frontrunner still wins, and it goes to Three Billboards?

    What Oscar categories do you think end up being close two-horse races?

    Finally, what Oscar races have been the most exciting to cover, due to narrative or films or competitiveness?
    For instance, last year was very exciting – fairly close calls in Actor and Supporting Actor, and a stacked enough line-up in Actress that you could conjure a further five worthy nominees if you tried. On top of that, critically acclaimed atypical contenders topped Best Picture, and we had one of the biggest Oscar upsets of all time.

  • Question for the next podcast: What is your personal opinion on the petition to ban Casey Affleck from presenting the Best Actress Oscar next year and what do you think the Academy’s response will be?

  • Ryan

    Cinephile Showdown (2015 Box Office):

    The Force Awakens OR Inside Out
    The Revenant OR The Martian
    Trainwreck OR Spy
    Straight Outta Compton OR Creed
    Jurassic World OR Avengers: Age of Ultron

  • Ryan

    Circuit Breaker Question:

    Is it possible to have Battle of the Sexes in Picture without Emma Stone in Actress (I have Streep and Ronan as my 4/5)?

  • Ryancritic

    Circuit Breaker Question:

    What does Carter Burwell have a greater chance of getting nominated for this year, his score for Wonderstruck or his score for Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Mi.?

  • Joseph Aestivator

    Circuit Breaker Question:

    I have a question on the television side and hope you can answer; I can’t seem to find any info regarding this on the Internet:

    Is Stranger Things S2 eligible for the upcoming SAG awards, or did it premiere too late?

  • Raul Gama

    Question about the supporting actress in the marowyitz

    Circuit Breaker question:

    Elisabeth Marvel is amazing in The Meyerowitz Stories, but Emma Thompson is getting the supporting actresses words. Can you name similar situations of less known actors that weren’t in the awards radar that got overshadowed by previous nominees only for that reason?

  • Raul Gama

    Circuit Breaker question:

    Elisabeth Marvel is amazing in The Meyerowitz Stories, but Emma Thompson is getting the supporting actresses words. Can you name similar situations of less known actors that weren’t in the awards radar that got overshadowed by previous nominees only for that reason?