Circuit Breaker Episode 67: ‘Thor: Ragnarok’, Age Differences, and Kevin Spacey


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On the agenda:

  • We went through so many questions from the readers, talking about awards, movies, and more.
  • The Kevin Spacey controversy has brought up lots of feelings.  We’re going to dissect it a bit with the utmost respect.
  • “Thor: Ragnarok” did very well at the box office and we talk about the good and bad of the film.
  • Talking about “Call Me by Your Name” and the age controversy that’s come up.
  • Oscar Predictions check in!

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  • Cornelius Buttersby

    Loved the podcast – question for next time; how would you rate the chances of Darkest Hour, The Post, or even Lady Bird (based initially off of unproduced segments of Frances Ha) being shuffled into Adapted a la Moonlight or Loving (both of which tried to make clear the original nature of the writing) – and not only getting nominated, but stealing the win from Call Me by Your Name (as potentially more conventional screenplay winners)?

    Also the news that All the Money in the World has been pulled from AFI becomes pretty funny when you realise it was the ONE movie Karen and Chris would be seeing that the rest of you hadn’t.

    • That’s why we’re crossing our fingers that they replace it with The Post!

  • Joey Magidson

    Enjoy as always!

  • dylanfan35

    Since mine didn’t make it last time i’ll try again…with a few additional ones.
    From last time.
    Dead Poets Society or Good Will Hunting(film and Williams performances)?
    Color of Money or Nobody’s Fool(film and Newmans performances)?
    Before the Devil Knows Your Dead or A Most Wanted Man(film and Hoffmans performances)?
    And new ones.
    Bull Durham or Perfect World(film and Costners performances)?
    Jerry Maguire or Eyes Wide Shut(film and Cruises performances)?
    Usual Suspects or LA Confidential(film and Spaceys performances)?

    Sub question….how would you or do feel watching a spacey film and/or performance that you have always loved.

  • codymonster91

    Spoiler alert for The Florida Project:

    So I just saw The Florida Project last night and while I enjoyed it overall, I thought the ending was awful. Can someone who liked the ending tell me what they liked about it? I used to work at Disney World and even I thought the ending was overly sentimental, tonally inconsistent, and just rang false (I was also really bothered by the obvious switch from 35 mm to iPhone footage, which was clearly done just to avoid getting in trouble).

  • Raul Gama

    About Kevin spacey reshoot: they said they had Plummer in mind before but chose Spacey for market value, well, reshooting the film, running to take it out from festivals, are market value moves.. there is no kind responsable acts from Sony.

    And if you start to replace everyone or take out every name from artists that committed crimes or misbehavior (since people are so strongly minded now), you’re gonna have a lot of reshooting to do. And IMO it does nothing for the victims or the crime itself. Again, MARKET VALUE!

    But i keep thinking that at the same time we look at these cases, we need to also look at who’s judjing and how, bacause hearing from hollywood people like Reese Witherspoon talk about abuse of power when she said to a policeman who stopped her “Do you know who you’re talking to?” and talk abour inclusion when she produces a serie with an all white cast, is too much of hypocrisy lecture id be willing to take. The point is, this selective judgement needs to stop.

  • Raul Gama

    Question for podcast: What oscar win do you consider ridiculous because of what it won over? i.e: Julia Roberts’ Erin Brockovich over Hellen Burstyn’s Requiem for a Dream.

  • John

    The Casey Affleck/Nate Parker thing is not a double standard. Affleck was accused of harassment, Parker of assault, both bad things, but assault is unequivocally worse.