Final Predictions for 2018 Golden Globes and Producers Guild of America


Best Picture (Drama)

“Call Me by Your Name”
“The Post”
“The Shape of Water”
“Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri”

The HFPA has an opportunity to tilt the scale in a film’s favor with any of the five films.  “The Shape of Water” seems to be the type of film that the European crowd can get behind, as is the case with “Dunkirk.”  But the pure and timely American stories of “The Post” and “Three Billboards outside Ebbing, Missouri” are sure to get some love.  We’re going with the one that leads with nominations and seems to have the upswing.

PREDICTION: “The Shape of Water”

  • Joey Magidson

    We have the same PGA picks, which just goes to show how strange the year is turning out to be…

    • Tee

      Everyone is right or everyone is wrong- there’s no in-between. Seems to be a recurring theme of the year.

    • Michael Eduard Gschwandtner

      I put the Disaster Artist instead of CMBYN, just a feeling.
      And maybe, just maybe, Baby Driver for Logan.

  • dylanfan35

    Is there a reason why the site on my computer won’t do anything when I hit the arrows? Same thing with the documentary 10 best the other day.

    • Does it not highlight for you or anything? The slider won’t move for you?

      • dylanfan35

        There is a big picture of the globes…an ad for Detroit….then 2 arrows on both sides….then the initial paragraph and then the line that says let’s go trough it all and click to the gallery and then 2 arrows again pointing in opposite directions. I click on the top and bottom arrows going forward and it does nothing. I’m not the most computer literate guy in the world so maybe i’m the only one.

  • Walshy

    I’d throw Baby Driver in as a potential suprise nominee. And maybe The Disaster Artist. If we are talking PGA following box office and critical hits, they both fit that very well.

    Also Molly’s Game is picking up traction so if it lands at the PGA that’d be a big tick for it and it’s got a chance.

    I’ve got the same nominees elsewise though.

  • Lauti Fuentes

    I wish Big Little Lies won all where it is nominated.

  • Jonas Grundnig

    Isn’t The Square a swedish film?

  • Michael Eduard Gschwandtner

    For the Globes, I disagree in some points. Why should there be more love for The Shape of Water? Only because of the additional Spencer nomination? Don’t think so. I think this year will be splitting votes on many films because there is simply no favorite so far. My thoughts on Sunday:

    Drama: Three Billboards
    Actor: Oldman or Day-Lewis
    Actress: McDormand
    Comedy: Lady Bird
    Actor: Franco
    Actress: Ronan
    Supporter: DAFOE OR PLUMMER
    Supporter: METCALF OR JANNEY
    Direction: del TORO OR NOLAN
    Screenplay: GERWIG OR MCDONAGH
    Animated: Coco
    Foreign: A Fantastic Woman
    Score: Desplat or Greenwood
    Song: Remember Me

    I’d say Lady Bird will win all 4 of their nominations. The Shape wins Score and Direction, Three Billboards Drama and Actress.
    Potential shockers as it occurs every year: Plummer winning, Oldman losing.

    • Michael Eduard Gschwandtner

      I knew it. Three Billboards 💪