The hipster chameleons are back for one last hurrah in the town of vinyl records, vintage flannel and handlebar mustaches. IFC’s “Portlandia,” the Emmy-winning comedy sketch show starring Fred Armisen (“Saturday Night Live”) and Carrie Brownstein (“Transparent”) just dropped an official trailer for the show’s eighth final season.

Though the trailer was short, coming in at just under a minute, it packed in some major peeks at this season’s highlights, according to Deadline. The feminist book store owners Toni and Candace want to start up their own women’s health clinic (“It seems like I need a medical degree for that, which I don’t have.” *wise clasp of arm* “We’ll learn.”), bandboy Spyke attempts to bring back punk, and the Goths have a their own final goodbye to the comedy show (complete with their goth son and the gravestones decoratively set in their front yard).

The series, created by Armisen, Brownstein and Jonathan Krisel (“Baskets”), is produced by Lorne Michaels (“Saturday Night Live””) and Broadway Video. “Portlandia” has received 20 Primetime Emmy nominations since its 2011 premiere, ultimately winning four accolades.

“Portlandia” returns for its final season Jan. 18 at 10 p.m. on IFC. Watch the trailer below.

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