Awards Circuit is pleased to announce that our Circuit Center and Precursor Tracker are now open in beta.

The Circuit Center (version 2.0) gives readers the ability to:

  • Make and share your own awards predictions (users must register to do so).
  • View other predictions to see how you match up.

In version 3.0 (scheduled to be released in the coming months), readers will have the ability to:

  • Keep track of your updated predictions over time
  • Read statistical data about all the predicted nominees and winners.
  • Rank all the readers based on correct predictions made in a given season

The Circuit Center is still currently in beta mode, so updates are still coming in. The prediction pages will be updated continuously throughout the season, as shortlists are released and competitive categories are finalized.

Awards Center will also run contests and other activities through the Circuit Center.

Also launching today is our new Precursor Tracker. This is a dedicated place to see all of the Precursor Wins for every film from 1990 to the present.  All the information has not been input yet and should be completed by end of the week.

Through the Precursor Tracker, you can choose any year and see which performance and film among critics groups, guilds, and major televised awards programs were cited. This makes it easy to view statistics and compare one film to another. You can also compare film years to each other. How often has a film won the Golden Globe and not been nominated for Best Picture? How many times has a solo Director won? Easily locate all of these answers and more through the Precursor Tracker.

Both of these tools are great ways to stay connected throughout the awards season. Both are available now.

Please use the comments to report any mistakes or discrepancies in either the Circuit Center or Precursor Tracker.

Have you visited the Circuit Center or Precursor Tracker yet? Comment below and share your thoughts!