DGA Feature Film Nominations Announced


The Directors Guild of America (DGA) announced their nominations for the 70th DGA Awards.

Yesterday, the guild announced their selections for television and documentary. Today’s announcement was about feature films. The DGA is one of the most significant indicators of Academy Award nominations.

This year’s feature film nominees include four first-time nominees, and one who is receiving his fourth nomination from the guild.

This year’s nominees are:

Feature Film Nominees

Guillermo del Toro, “The Shape of Water” (Fox Searchlight)
*First Nomination

Greta Gerwig, “Lady Bird” (A24)
*First Nomination

Martin McDonagh, “Three Billboards Outside Ebbing, Missouri” (Fox Searchlight)
*First Nomination

Christopher Nolan, “Dunkirk” (Warner Bros)
*Fourth Nomination

Jordan Peele, “Get Out” (Universal Pictures)
*First Nomination, also nominated for First-Time Feature Film

First-Time Feature Film

Geremy Jasper, “Patti Cake$” (Fox Searchlight)

William Oldroyd, “Lady Macbeth” (Roadside Attractions)

Jordan Peele, “Get Out” (Universal Pictures)

Taylor Sheridan, “Wind River” (Acacia Entertainment)

Aaron Sorkin, “Molly’s Game” (STX Entertainment)

The winners in all categories will be announced at the 70th Annual DGA Awards on Saturday, February 3 in Los Angeles.

Have you missed a precursor?  Click the “PRECURSORS 2017” tag to bring up all the prizes thus far!





  • Joey Magidson

    My predicted five, both here and at Oscar. Surprised I got this right, which only means I’m more likely to be wrong with AMPAS…

    • Phill Milner

      I feel like these have been the 5 favorites for a good bit now… who do you see as the potential spoiler? I think Luca could take Nolan’s spot… Del Toro and Mcdonagh are locks, i feel. I think Peele is pretty safe as well. Gerwig is looking strong too, but I remain skeptical. I think Nolan is definitely the 5th spot… and I think the academy really likes CMBYN.

      • Joey Magidson

        Not really a spoiler, but Spielberg is still right there.

      • From some of the conversations I’ve had, I would be careful about overestimating the popularity of CMBYN…

        • Phill Milner

          You’re probably right. It just feels like something the academy would do.

        • Phill Milner

          You’re probably right. It just feels like something the academy would do.

        • Adam Lawrence

          especially after Room’s directing nod last year

      • Adam Lawrence

        I think Peele is still vulnerable – the director’s branch of the academy is still a lot smaller than the DGA and they do the nominating. I won’t be surprised if AMPAS knocks him as a first-time or TV guy. I also won’t be surprised when he gets in! McDonagh also could be weak – “more of a writer than a director,” same thing that keeps Tarantino out of the conversation sometimes

  • Phill Milner

    I went 5 for 5. Imagine this will be the Oscar lineup as well… though I think Nolan may be vulnerable…

  • John

    Strange for second time feature director Taylor Sheridan to be in the first feature lineup. Might as well put Gerwig in there too.

    • Yep. I think the reason Sheridan gets in is because his first film didn’t have a theatrical release, while Gerwig’s did. Semantics and stuff.

      • John

        Did it not? I really can’t find any concrete info on the film.

        • Box Office Mojo doesn’t have any report on it, so it didn’t turn in any box office data. I’m pretty sure it went straight to video. Which, I personally don’t know why that doesn’t still count as a feature. Maybe they justify it to themselves because they knew they weren’t going to nominate him for Feature and this was the only way to include him? I’m sure gender had NOTHING to do with it… Gerwig’s “Nights and Weekends” has a lifetime gross of $5430.

      • John

        Did it not? I really can’t find any concrete info on the film.

  • Maciek

    this is a joke, right?

  • Michael Eduard Gschwandtner

    Funny fact about “The Post”.
    Since the 2009 expansion of the BP lineup, only two movies were nominated for BP without a nomination in either acting, directing, editing or writing. One was “War Horse” by Steven Spielberg. But War Horse had 6 nominations in total. The other one was “Selma”, which only scored “Best Song”, but it also won that.

    The Post has no solid nomination in all categories. The likeliest now is Score, but they could easily take Star Wars of they want to reward Williams or go with BP Frontrunners like Three Billboards there.

    So The Post could be either a this year’s “Silence”, or being the first movie to be nominated for BP without any other nomination.

    My guess: it misses BP. It will be the shocking omission on the 23rd.
    The Post only scored nominations at the PGA, Golden Globes, NBR and Critics Choice. PGA took 11 pictures and usually tick about three movies that are not making it into BP race.

    The other three had been back in early December. Since then, rarely any mentions for the Post.

    Though I might risk a lot, I’d say the Academy will chose 8 pictures this year:
    Three Billboards
    Lady Bird
    Get Out
    The Shape of Water
    Call Me By Your Name
    I, Tonya
    Darkest Hour

    And The Post is out.

    • John

      The Post will probably get Score at least, Williams never really misses, the man was nominated for the Book Thief after all.

      • Michael Eduard Gschwandtner

        I agree that it is the likelier possibility. But just look at the race in Score:

        Because of a lack of important precursors, Golden Globe is usually very important here.

        I think everyone agrees that, yet, Phantom Thread, The Shape of Water and Dunkirk are locks.

        Carter Burwell with Three Billboards has a GG and is in a BP Frontrunner that will most likely not score the most nominations (The Shape of Water and DUNKIRK will). So each nomination is expectable for a Frontrunner, also in Score.

        Leaving one final spot. Giacchino has two great jobs with Coco and War for the Planet of the Apes, but lacks any precursors. Thomas Newman is a favorite by the Academy (nomination even for Passengers last year), though Victoria & Abdul seems dead, the score was great. Darkest Hour gained some strength with BAFTA, and the Score by Marinelli is pretty good. Blade Runner is also still in the run.

        And if the Score was one of the few things they liked about The Post, they could as well give Williams a nomination for Star Wars, which also has a great Score.

        Streep is there in every year. But assuming the other 4 (Ronan, Hawkins, MacDormand and Robbie are in) will be among the Oscar 5, we still have Dench with a lot of precursors and a role that usually gets attention by the Academy, a great Michelle Williams with the possibility to reward the movie for cutting out Spacey, and Jessica Chastain, who gets snubbed every year despite some great performances, in a movie that is climbing the last weeks. Chances that they won’t go with Streep are high, I think.

        • The pay inequity issue on All the Money potentially helps Williams, too. Potentially.

        • Adam Lawrence

          Nobody expected Passengers for ANYTHING though, so never count Newman out. It’s still very possible if not likely that Williams for both, which has IMO cost him 2 oscars (in ’05 when he was a shoo-in for Memoirs of a Geisha before the surprise Munich nom, and ’11 when he could have won for either Tintin or War Horse but got nominated for both.

      • Adam Lawrence

        Don’t forget The Book Thief 1) was a very good score, after all, and 2) was heavily publicized as Williams’ Final Score before retirement. Then Disney bought Lucasfilm…

        • John

          Well I don’t think it was terribly impressive, however that’s opinions. Williams usually gets in, he’s already got the Globe nomination, seems like he’ll get in again.

          • Adam Lawrence

            oh sure! I just meant that even if it wasn’t his best or most original, it had a natural “campaign narrative” that doesn’t happen a lot in the below-the-line categories (except for Newman in score or Deakins in cinemtography, for instance, having lost so many times). Williams won’t have another narrative like that until Episode IX or if he has a posthumous score (please, God, no), or if those 2 events are the same thing (when I’ll be a sobbing mess all awards season)

    • The Post feels very unlikely at this point. But then, Meryl gets nominated more often than not, and if she manages to get in I could see the possibility of The Post still making it. I am starting to agree, though, that 8 seems likely.

      • Adam Lawrence

        It would be so bizarre for Meryl to NOT get nominated for what is generally regarded as her best work in at least a decade (to me, her best since Hours/Adaptation) after several nominations that she probably didn’t deserve. But it’s a very strong Actress year… Chastain is hardly a lock though

  • bingeit 45

    this is most probably going to be oscar pics