SAG-AFTRA Looking into Reports that Williams Paid $1,000 to Wahlberg’s $1.5 Million for ‘All the Money in the World’ Reshoots


SAG-AFTRA is looking into new reports over a potential pay-inequality situation during reshoots for Ridley Scott’s “All the Money in the World.” After sexual assault allegations about previous star Kevin Spacey (“House of Cards”), the actor was fired and completely cut from the highly anticipated film, with Christopher Plummer hired to replace him in time for the film’s quickly-approaching December release. Scott had previously said all the actors returned to reshoot all of Spacey’s scenes without pay, but USA Today reported on Tuesday that this wasn’t the case. While Michelle Williams (“Manchester By The Sea”) accepted about $1,000 for the reshoots, costar Mark Wahlberg’s (“Ted”) team negotiated a $1.5 million payout for the star to return.

This discrepancy could be a violation of SAG-AFTRA’s union contract for their members, if Williams wasn’t working on a flat-fee deal for the film. However, according to Deadline, if Williams was paid to scale for reshoots, there’s nothing to be done about further, above scale negotiations like Wahlberg’s. The situation looks even worse when taking into account that both actors are repped by WME, who negotiated a much heftier payout for Wahlberg but not Williams, leading to bigger questions about fair and equal representation from the talent agency. Neither actor, along with co-star Timothy Hutton (“American Crime”), had reshoot clauses in their film contracts, according to Deadline, and Wahlberg was already shooting another film, “Mile 22.” Wahlberg had also already taken a reported 80% paycut for the film in order to work with Scott on a “potential awards contender,” so was in a better position to negotiate his pay.

Williams wasn’t told of the situation and seemed to be happy the reshoots were happening at all, telling USA Today, “I said I’d be wherever they needed me, whenever they needed me. And they could have my salary, they could have my holiday…I appreciated so much that they were making this massive effort.”

It all comes down to whether or not the pair were working on flat deals; if they were, the DGA and SAG-AFTRA, the actors’ unions, wouldn’t be able to claim a pay violation for the incident. The union released a public statement on Wednesday, saying:

“We are unambiguously in favor of pay equity between men and women in this industry and support every action to move in this direction. At the same time, performers at this level negotiate their above-scale rates through their agents. As it relates to this matter, you should talk to their representatives.”

WME and reps for Scott, Williams and Wahlberg have not commented on the situation.

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  • Phill Milner

    I feel like a good agent could have prevented this… if it is true.

    • Jason

      Or it could have been prevented by Mark Walberg not being such a greedy POS and not viewing replacing a sexual predator as a cash opportunity.

      • Phill Milner

        So Mark Wahlberg is the bad guy in this situation? I guess the SJWs need a male scapegoat.

        • Mike

          Is all you do on here is pick fights and accuse people of things they never said?

          • Calvin Damon

            Yes lol. Just look at his declaring of his opinion of Dunkirk as fact and blaming fanboyism for its positive reception.

            • Phill Milner

              Talking bad about Nolan movies has gotten me a lot of bad pub. That is definitely for sure XD

          • Phill Milner

            What fight? There isn’t a fight here. I said she needed a better agent, he said Mark Whalberg is a POS, I said I don’t think it’s his fault… there is no fight here. Just discussing movies. Not everything is a fight…

            • Jason

              You did immediately accuse me of being an SJW who just needs a male scapegoat, so it wasn’t just a discussion about movies since you made it personally about me and basically mocked my opinion.

        • Jason

          I don’t blame him for Williams not getting as much as he did. I didn’t say one word about that. I blame him for using the situation just to get an even bigger payday. This wasn’t your typical reshoots. They were taking action against predator who has numerous allegations of assault against him. Most of the cast and crew did it for next to nothing. What did he do? Demanded an enormous salary for barely over a week of work. He used a bad situation as a cash cow. So yeah, he’s a greedy POS.

          But it’s telling you immediately assume I blame him just for being a man when I literally said what I blamed him for, and it has nothing to do with Williams.

          Also, you immediately blamed Williams and her agent and then doubted if it’s even true. Guess the meninists as usual need to immediately blame the woman, right?

          • Calvin Damon

            I don’t think it’s bad to look at an unproven report with some level of skepticism. I think a problem that we have now is that we (no matter our political affiliations) immediately assume that something is true based on a our preconceived biases. And while I don’t view Mark Wahlberg as a pos, I do think that he should’ve just accepted what was offered to him based on the circumstances.

          • Phill Milner

            I’m not blaming Williams at all. She was a great sport about it and got the job done. I’m simply saying that it is an agent’s job to negotiate contracts and it looks like her agent came up short in this situation. I worded my last response poorly and I’m sorry about that.

            I just don’t think Mark Wahlberg is the guy to point the finger at. Sure, he got paid, but the cost for reshoots was built into his contract, and he was also in the middle of another movie at the time, so I don’t think he’s the guy to blame.

            • Jason

              It’s now being reported that Wahlberg wouldn’t commit to refilming the scenes with Plummer unless he got the 1.5 million. So even more, I think he deserves to get criticized for that. I understand everyone wants more money, but Wahlberg is supposedly worth over 200 million dollars (very possible that’s not true as it sounds too high, but even half that is an enormous fortune), so you’re telling me he couldn’t do 9 days of filming for a low cost when it was happening because of what Kevin Spacey did? He’d be willing to ruin the movie or hurt it by refusing to reshoot if he didn’t get an absurd amount of money for one week? That is absolutely a POS move in my book. And that’s without talking about how he obviously already got paid probably a lot of money for filming the movie.

              I don’t necessarily even blame Michelle’s agent because she might have offered to do take the tiny salary. Actors willingly take pay cuts for lots of reasons, so it’s possible she didn’t ask for more because it was a short time or it important to get rid of Spacey or whatever the reason.

              That’s why I don’t think it’s a cut and dry gender pay issue, and Williams got less because she’s a woman. We don’t know the details of negotiations. But I do think it’s a selfish, greedy move by Wahlberg. There was an important reason for the reshoots, and with him already having tens of millions of dollars, it’s a shitty move to turn holding a sexual predator responsible for his actions into a cash in opportunity. Especially since he wouldn’t have done the reshoots if he didn’t get that amount.