WATCH: Zosia Mamet Shines (And Falls) in Trailer, Poster for ‘The Boy Downstairs’

What would you do if you found out your ex is your new neighbor? Is it kismet or coincidence? Zosia Mamet (“Girls”) is the adorkable twenty-something struggling to let go of an old flame in the new trailer and poster for “The Boy Downstairs.”

Written and directed by Sophie Brooks (“Maple Leaves”), “The Boy Downstairs” follows Diana, a young writer back from a two year stay in London. She finds the Brooklyn apartment of her dreams and happily signs her lease, only to discover her ex-boyfriend Ben (Matthew Shear, “Mistress America”), the boy she broke up with before leaving for London, will be her downstairs neighbor. After their first awkward run-in, Diana is determined to be friends with her ex, a plan that quickly falls apart when it’s apparent some feelings just don’t go away. Will the pair get together or will someone’s heart get broken once more?

The film features Sarah Ramos (“Parenthood”), Deidre O’Connell (“Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind”) and Diana Irvine (“Cuddle Buddy”) along costars Mamet and Shear. “The Boy Downstairs” is Brooks’ feature film directorial debut, though she previously penned the short film “Furlong” and wrote and directed the short film “Maple Leaves,” which starred young Han Solo actor Alden Ehrenreich (“Solo: A Star Wars Story”), Sabina Friendman-Seitz (“The Florida Project”), Zachary Webber (“Running Wild”) and Irvine.

“The Boy Downstairs” hits NY theaters on Feb. 16 and LA theaters on Feb. 23, with additional cities to follow. Watch the trailer below.

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