WATCH: Photos and New Trailer From ‘Chris Claremont’s X-Men’ Tell the Story of X-Men’s Salvation

Marvel fans will soon get to know the man who saved the “X-Men.”

“Chris Claremont’s X-Men,” which just released a trailer for the extended version of the documentary, will explore a young writer’s quest to save the comic book nobody else wanted. With emotionally honest storytelling and precise character building, Claremont has kept the X-Men going for over 40 years, 17 of which Claremont personally dedicated to the series. Claremont’s little story that refused to die would become one of Marvel’s best-selling comics, with Claremont’s work adapted into ten films, three TV series, video games and more.

The extended version of the doc, set for release Feb. 6, will explore Claremont’s ties to his original collaborators Ann Nocenti and Louise Simonson along with a closer look into Claremont’s childhood. “Chris Claremont’s X-Men” will also take a closer look at the latest X-Men stories to find their way to film and TV, including the “Legions” TV series and upcoming Marvel flick “New Mutants.” Previously unseen interviews with Deadpool creator Rob Liefled, artist Marc Silvestri and fierce Marvel fans will also shed new insights into one of Marvel’s most beloved superhero teams.

“Chris Claremont’s X-Men” is directed, produced and edited by Patrick Meaney, with Jordan Rennert producing and serving as Director of Photography. The doc is distributed by XLrator Media.

“Chris Claremont’s X-Men” new, extended-version is available on VOD in Feb. 6. Watch the trailer and see more stills from the upcoming documentary below.

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