ACCA 1991 Opens for Voting!

Welcome to the great tradition at Awards Circuit that is the Awards Circuit Community Awards. ACCA is one of the best reader-led traditions of our site, one that gives us the ability to look back in film history. We’ve covered every year since 1992, but we’re far from finished. With that in mind, let’s open the voting to ACCA 1991.

With this ACCA covering a retro year, we go with the number of nominees for best picture that were featured in that year. Years before the expansion to 10, ACCA 1991 will only have 5 Best Picture nominees. This extends to all categories, so make sure you chose your films wisely. We’ve given you 5 picks in each category, as well as a write-in option. If you do include a write-in option, tweet @TheAlanFrench so that I can update the groups as soon as possible.

Unlike previous years, the staff will be posting historical reviews of the films from 1991 over the next two weeks. We hope you enjoy our look back at the year and want to hear your input as well. Please leave your FYC’s in the comments below! We also have a link to Karen’s review of 1991 there as well.

Below you’ll find the survey with all the categories. If you do not finish all the questions, your answers can still be added to our pool. The only page YOU MUST finish is the Best Picture ballot. Without further ado, we’re opening up the voting!


What do you think? Which films are you rooting for in ACCA 1991? Let us know your FYCs in the comments below! 

ACCA 1991 will close voting on April 6th. Keep an eye out for all the reviews of great films from 1991 from the staff. Read Karen’s breakdown of the year 1991 here.