‘Rick and Morty’ Gets 70 Episode Renewal

Adult Swim and Cartoon Network are going all in on Dan Harmon and Justin Roiland. The talented pair have been amassing fans for years with their initially cult show “Rick and Morty,” which is currently two seasons deep. At this point, it’s become the network’s biggest program, now a full on crossover hit. Anticipation and rumors about a third season have been flying for a while, though the duo have so far taken their time with new episodes. Well, that still may be the case, but a major commitment to their future with the former “Back to the Future” parody has been announced.

Various sources, including The Hollywood Reporter, have released word that the show has officially been renewed. Furthermore, the renewal is for a massive 70 episode order. This puts “Rick and Morty” past the magic number of 100 for syndication. Also, it’s interestingly enough more than double the episodes that have so far been produced. As such, it’ll take a number of years for these to come around, obviously in a number of seasons. No word yet on if it’ll be all that we’ll get of the show, but it does push that boulder far off into the distance.

Here’s a bit from THR:

Described as a “longterm deal,” albeit without any announced time frame, the order is for more than double the count of episodes Rick and Morty has already produced to date. Co-creators Justin Roiland and Dan Harmon have been especially precious about the comedy, spacing out seasons and waiting as long as two years before the most recent run aired.

A Rick and Morty renewal was given, but the extent of this new pact is quite unexpected. Should Roiland and Harmon maintain anything close to their current production schedule, this will keep the show on the air for as long as another decade.

Rick and Morty is the de facto flagship of Adult Swim, Cartoon Network’s youth-skewing cable sibling. It ranked as TV’s No. 1 comedy, cable or broadcast, among millennials in 2017. With adults 18-24 and 18-34, it topped The Big Bang Theory, Modern Family and Saturday Night Live.

Without question, “Rick and Morty” is at the forefront of modern animated programming, so this commitment makes a lot of sense. Time will tell when season three officially hits the airwaves, but we now know it’s coming, that’s for sure. Now, Harmon and Roiland just need to keep up the amazing quality. Easier said than done, but so far, the show is among the best things on television, so they have it in them.