Actress and Social Activist Margot Kidder Dies at Age 69

Margot Kidder, best known for taking Lois Lane to the big screen in the “Superman” films, passed away Sunday at age 69.

The news broke all over social media on Sunday after a funeral home in Livingston, Montana confirmed on its website.

Kidder was born in the Canadian Northwest Territories, before eventually moving to Los Angeles to pursue acting in the late 1960s. She got her start in small roles in TV movies, with a few episodes of established series thrown in, too. She also scored small roles in films, as well. In 1975, she appeared in the Robert Redford adventure, “The Great Waldo Pepper.” That year, she also won roles in “The Reincarnation of Peter Proud,” and “92 in the Shade.” She also had a guest appearance in the popular series “Baretta,” starring Robert Blake.

Everything changed in 1978, when Kidder was cast as Lois Lane in Richard Donner’s “Superman.” While that film was not the first big screen incarnation of the superhero, it was the one that launched a new wave of superhero films. Kidder went on to play the iconic feminist reporter in four films, the last of which was “Superman IV: The Quest for Peace” in 1987.

After “Superman,” she went on to star as Kathy Lutz in the infamous film, “The Amityville Horror.”

Kidder continued to work in film and television over the next two decades, but also moved to Broadway, most famously touring in the 2002 production of “The Vagina Monologues.” She also made an appearance in 2004 on the Superman series “Smallville,” but in a very different role from Lois Lane.

Apart from performing, many known of Margot Kidder’s life-long battle with mental illness. Her struggles with bipolar disorder gave her a different kind of attention, most of it wanted. But it also led her to activism on many issues. Most of her work involved environmental issues and protesting against war.

Margot Kidder is survived by one daughter.