Lars von Trier’s ‘The House That Jack Built’ Spurs Walk Outs at Cannes

Yesterday, something interesting, if not altogether surprising, happened at the Cannes Film Festival. After being welcomed back to the fest, filmmaker Lars von Trier unveiled his newest movie, the serial killer tale “The House That Jack Built.” Never one to shy away from controversy, even the tickets to von Trier’s film had an “explicit violence” warning on them. Cannes often has this sort of film booed when the credits come up, but this time was different. During the first festival screening, a number of people got up and walked out. Reports have it at about 100 people, which is noteworthy. Then, the reactions on social media came in.

As you’ll see below, a lot of folks think the filmmaker crossed some sort of a line here. Starring Matt Dillon, the movie follows Jack, a serial killer, over a decade and change as he commits a number of grisly murders that shape him. The film also stars Riley Keough and Uma Thurman, both of whom are apparently mutilated by Dillon’s Jack. Obviously, von Trier is known as a provocateur, but something here seems different, at least going by the response that the flick drew on Twitter.

Here are some of the Tweets:

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Ramin Setoodeh (Variety)

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IFC Films has “The House That Jack Built” and will be distributing it in the fall. No word yet on if it’ll be edited at all between now and then, though one would assume that sort of conversation is taking place right now. Time will tell. For the moment, take a look at the Trailer that dropped yesterday as well, if you dare: