Wonder Woman 1984” is officially in production.

The sequel to last year’s smash hit will fast forward from the end of World War I all the way to the rocking 1980s. This time, the Princess of Themyscira will face a new enemy: Cheetah.

Gal Gadot reprises her role as Diana Prince/Wonder Woman. Kristen Wiig joins the cast as Cheetah. We don’t know exactly how Cheetah will be written into the new story, but she was very much an archenemy of Wonder Woman in the comics. She was introduced by William Moulton Marston in the early days of the story.

Wiig rose to fame as a regular castmember on “Saturday Night Live,” bringing many memorable characters. She branched out to film, starring in movies like “Ghostbusters” and “The Martian.” In addition to starring in “Bridesmaids,” she also co-wrote the script and earned an Oscar nomination for it.

Another newcomer to the cast is Pedro Pascal. He actually had a role on a “Wonder Woman” TV pilot in 2011 that never went to series. Pascal has worked on many films and television series, but may currently be most recognizable for his role as Oberyn Martell on “Game of Thrones.”

Also returning for the sequel is Chris Pine as Steve Trevor. Yes, Diana first met and fell in love with Steve Trevor somewhere around 1918. There are no other details, although anyone who really wants to know how this works can refer to the comics for a potential explanation.

Patty Jenkins returns to direct the sequel. This is significant because it is extremely rare for a female director to helm a studio movie with a budget of $150 million. And even more significantly? No female director with a budget of $150 million has ever gotten to direct the sequel. In fact, rarely does a female director get to lead the sequel to her own film, regardless of the budget.

This time around, Jenkins co-wrote the script with David Callaham (“The Expendables”) and Geoff Johns, who also produces.

Warner Bros. will release “Wonder Woman 1984” on November 1, 2019. They did change the release date in order to avoid competing with the December release of “Star Wars Episode IX.”

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