Queer Girl Friday: ‘the T’s’ Real Take on LGBTQIA+ Life; ‘Queer Eye’ Goes Down Under


I’m Selina, Awards Circuit’s queer Girl Friday for everything LGBTQIA+ on TV! As Pride Month begins winding down, I’ve been looking out for some new LGBTQIA+ content to keep my spirits up during the long, rainbow-less times ahead. With a little luck, I found “the T,” aka the best show you’ve never heard of: seriously folx, keep an eye out for filmmakers Bea Cordelia and Daniel Kyri. As an extra treat for “Queer Eye” fans, Netflix also unveiled a surprise episode that sent the Fab 5 to a little farm in the depths of Australia. And yes, this town’s name tops Gay, Georgia.

LGBTQIA+ inclusive stories are a rare sighting in television, and often end in some terrible, badly written death for any and all queers present (looking at you, “Star Trek: Discovery,” “The 100,” “Chicago Fire,” etc.). If they  manage to make it to the end of the series, their storylines tends towards the Sad and Hard to Watch, where happiness goes to die and everyone cries. “the T” is one of few shows that lets its characters live in the real world, where hard times aren’t outweighed by the good. This little web series about the friendship between a white trans woman and a queer black man just might be the hidden gem of Pride Month.

the T trailer from OTV | Open Television on Vimeo.

“the T” follows Jo (Cordelia) and Carter (Kyri), besties/exes riding out their twenties in Chicago, Il. The pair, who dated before Jo’s transition, have a connection that goes deeper than the typical “will they, won’t they” romcom vibe, keeping their love for one another at the forefront of the series. The series is commendable for its grounding in queer reality, a purposeful choice for the filmmakers. “We wanted to create something that was more sincere to our experiences,” Cordelia told the Daily Beast. “the T” does touch on serious issues, like the social stigma of dating a trans person, but intermixes it with hazy nights out and love’s second blush, all with the kind of production value worthy of an award-winning indie flick or a Netflix dramedy.

“Something that Bea and I aim to do is create space for folks like to express the full rage on our humanity without having to apologize for it. The pain, but also the joy, the extraordinary, but also the mundane,” Kyri revealed to the Daily Beast. In a few short episodes, “the T” has already achieved Kyri’s vision. Give it a watch over on Vimeo, if I’ve peaked your interest.

You read that thumbnail right, folx: the Fab 5 found a town gayer than Gay, Georgia. Yass, Australia was the destination for a surprise installment of “Queer Eye,” where the Fab 5 swooped in to save farmer George from his workaholic ways. (Watch the episode above.) The group revamped a local pub and strengthened George’s relationship with son Levi, giving viewers some tissue worthy moments in only half the time of a regular episode. Oh, and there’s hugging. Lots and lots of hugging. As my personal hero Jonathan Van Ness says, “I do not think that George has ever had four American gay men with one gorgeous Pakistani-Brit ever come at him so aggressively for cuddles.”

The segment, released on Youtube instead of Netflix, seems like a toe in a new pond for the streaming platform. Perhaps the Fab 5’s trip to Australia was just rolled into “Queer Eye’s” Season 2 press junket, but there could be a worldwide edition of the show on the horizon. I for one would watch the hell out of an international “Queer Eye,” just for the amazing town names. (What’s next, Bisexual Glitterton?) Would you be here for the Fab 5 going far and wide? Let me know in the comments below!

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