TV: Chris Noth & Nat Faxon to Guest Star on ‘Catastrophe’


One of the funnier British shows to make its way to America has been “Catastrophe,” which streams on Amazon Prime. The series is produced by Channel 4 and was created by Rob Delaney (“Deadpool 2“) and Sharon Horgan (“Game Night“). “Catastrophe” follows a couple that became pregnant during a one night stand, and have since built a relationship and family. The series has consistently used guest stars well, and it looks to continue that trend in the upcoming season.

According to Deadline, “Catastrophe” is adding Chris Noth and Nat Faxon to the upcoming season in guest roles. Both actors have strong TV backgrounds and showing up on “Catastrophe” could yield either an Emmy nomination next year. Noth has been a staple of television for the past few decades. Not only was Noth one of the breakout stars of the original “Law & Order,” but his role as Mr. Big on “Sex and the City” is iconic in its own right. His performance on “The Good Wife” also nabbed him a Golden Globe nomination.

Faxon is also an interesting choice for the show. The Oscar-winning co-screenwriter of “The Descendants” has also appeared on several shows. Faxon’s series “Married” was positively received for FX. Last year, his show “Friends From College” was not particularly well received, but still drew attention to Faxon. Between Faxon and Noth, “Catastrophe” should get a nice boost in its second season.

It’s good to see another season moving forward for “Catastrophe” in 2018-2019. The series is one of the funniest shows on television and has received several Emmy nominations already. With Delaney and Horgan running the ship, the show will continue to have electric chemistry in its core roles. Still, it is exciting to think about how Noth and Faxon will be used in the show.

What do you think of the guest stars coming to “Catastrophe?” Do you think Faxon or Noth could find their way into the guest actor race at next years Emmys? Let us hear what you think in the comments below! 

Season 4 of “Catastrophe” will release in late 2018.