‘Child’s Play’ Reboot in Development at MGM


One of the iconic horror villains of the 1980s is looking like he’ll make a comeback. After several years of insane storylines, there seems to be some who would like a reboot. However many have been frustrated by the absurdist plots that have made the franchise into something of a laughingstock. While the Chucky films have lost the goodwill of many horror fans MGM’s new reboot of “Child’s Play” is looking to change that.

According to the Hollywood Reporter, a “Child’s Play” remake is in production. Director Lars Klevberg will take the reins on the new film. It begins production in September. The film will be produced by “It” producers Seth Grahame-Smith and David Katzenberg. The script will come from Tyler Burton Smith, best known for video game writing and the in-production “Kung Fury 2.

Debuting in 1988, the first “Child’s Play” released to a $44 million box office on a $9 million budget. The plot revolved around a toy possed by a serial killer, looking to kill its owner. The character quickly became a pop culture icon and spawned several sequels. 2018 actually feels like a good year for the franchise, as Chucky not only appeared in “Ready Player One” in a cameo, but he is returning to Universal’s Halloween Horror Nights event in Orlando.

The real question is whether or not Brad Dourif will return to voice the serial killing doll. Dourif has been a shepherd of the franchise, appearing in every film to date. His voice is iconic in the role and before the series went off the rails, was actually a very strong vocal performance. If the “Child’s Play” film is more of a remake than a reboot, Dourif could easily return. However, if they’re looking to tread new ground, it might be smart to recast  Chucky as well.

What do you think about remaking “Child’s Play” in 2018? Which other horror icons would you like to see rebooted? Let us hear your picks in the comments below!

MGM will produce and distribute “Child’s Play” in 2019. There is no release date as of this writing.