ACCA Consistency Project 2010-2018 Voting Opens!


Welcome to the Awards Circuit Community Awards! Thank you for participating in “The Great ACCA Consistency Project” as announced on the site’s official podcast “Circuit Breaker.” We’re looking to even up our nominees across the years. This should help make our awards more comparable across the ages, and set real records to be broken. This may also affect some of the records that already stand, so the results are important to us and our readers.

We’re kicking off with 2010-2014, for which several categories need updating. Some categories (such as 2010 Animated Feature) is simply adding nominees. Others are looking at makeup effects, original song, stunts, or even sound categories.

We’re excited to see how you vote, so let’s get to it.


Which nominees are you most excited for? Give your FYCs and thoughts in the comments below! To look at previous nominees, click here!

Voting for the ACCA Consistency Project, 2010-2018 will end on July 8th. Voting for the ACCA winners will begin on Monday, July 9th. ACCA 2000-2009 Consistency will open on July 11th, 2018.