Karen Gillan’s ‘The Party is Just Beginning’ Picked Up By The Orchard


With the push for more women directors, it is exciting to see many in the industry getting a real push. Established film and television stars are taking a chance in the directing chair, and some have already been successful. Someone to watch for is Karen Gillan. She made her name helping “Doctor Who” with David Tenet. Now, she is regularly seen fighting Thanos in the MCU as Nebula. The Scotish actor finally built enough credibility to finance her directorial debut. Now, The Orchard is going to help the film get to wider audiences.

According to Deadline, Gillan’s directorial debut, “The Party is Just Beginning” has been picked up by The Orchard. The film follows a Gillan as Liusaidh, a woman who lives in a constant state of inebriation. She suffered a crushing loss recently and self-medicates to hide the pain. The story sets itself up as a traditional indie film but quickly makes some interesting choices in the process. The film also stars Lee PaceMatthew Beard, and Jaime Quinn. Gillan received praised by many for her direction, drawing comparisons to Danny Boyle and Nicolas Winding-Refn. If the debut is as good as some have said, she could be another first-time director with the potential to develop.

The Orchard has been making headway as an independent studio this year. It has already distributed “American Animals” with MoviePass and still has “We the Animals” and “All About Nina” to debut later this year. The studio has not set a release date for “The Party is Just Beginning” yet, but is looking to drop it this fall. Depending on its reception, we may hear it up some critics awards.

What do you think about The Orchard picking up “The Party is Just Beginning?” What do you think of Karen Gillan as a director? Let us know what you think in the comments below. 

“The Party is Just Beginning” is distributed by The Orchard. The Orchard is eyeing a Fall release.