Welcome back the ACCA Consistency Project! This week, we’re looking at 2005 to 2009. These years include the beginning of Awards Circuit, and the expansion of the Best Picture lineup. Some categories were limited in how many films were nominated. Today, we’re going to patch up some of those problems.

Below we’ve got the polls for the 2005 to 2009 categories. To make it easier on voters, we’ve sorted each page by category. This should allow you to vote on all of the Animated Feature nominees in one go, before moving on to Original Song, Documentary Feature, and the below-the-line categories.

For Animated Feature and Visual Effects categories, you are only picking two nominees per group. These fields were once limited to 3 nominees, so while the films you pick will not get a chance to win a category, they can add to their nomination total. If a film was already nominated in a category, it is not available as an option. Every other category should have up to 5 potential nominees per year. If you get stuck on a year or don’t want to vote in a category, you can advance. There are no mandatory questions on the ballot.

Thank you again for your help! Make your voice heard on Twitter, Facebook, and in the comments below! Post your personal FYCs, and tell us which films deserve to be looked at for ACCA glory. If you do not know who to vote for, look to the FYCs at the bottom of the page to get inspiration. Make your voice heard! Revisit ACCA results in years past here to remember who some of the nominees from each year have been!


Who are some of the contenders you would like to champion? Let us know here in the comments! 

The ACCA Consistency Project 2005-2009 Voting will close on July 20th, 2018.