Few actors are blowing up right now the way that Lakeith Stanfield has captured audiences. After two years as a supporting playing in “Atlanta,” Stanfield is making a name for himself headlining projects. Last year’s “Crown Heights” proved he could lead a movie when he took over “Crown Heights.” He was one of the iconic pieces of “Get Out,” helping to make the film a cultural touchstone. This year’s “Sorry to Bother You” is one of the weirdest films you’ll ever see, and Stanfield’s performance is largely why it works. Now he’ll be taking on another lead role for Legendary with their recent graphic novel acquisition “The Prince of Cats” from DC/Vertigo.

“The Prince of Cats” is based on a graphic novel from Vertigo comics. The story follows the arc of “Romeo and Juliet” based in Brooklyn in the 1980s. However, rather than follow the exploits of the Montagues and Capulets, this story follows Tybalt’s perspective of the events. This Brooklyn world is dangerous, and through Tybalt’s eyes, we get a new point-of-view of the events in question. Despite taking place in the 1980s, swords duels are still a huge part of the narrative. Music, especially hip-hop, also plays a role.

Stanfield is perhaps the perfect casting in this case. He’s proven in the past to exceptionally versatile as an actor, and can quickly turn up the intensity if needed. The idea of a more contemporary “Romeo and Juliet” is also not odd, especially considering the Baz Luhrman feature continues to gain a cult following. Expect more casting news soon on this film. While “the Prince of Cats” sounds like a potentially weird and ambitious movie, as Stanfield has proved in the past, he can make the absurd feel normal.

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