One of the iconic vehicles in the history of cinema is the DeLorean, popularized by “Back to the Future” in the 1980s. The vehicle is so famous that it continues to show up in pop culture hits, including “Ready Player One” this year. However, younger audiences may not realize the story behind the awesome car. Namely, the story of John DeLorean, which can only be described as insanely chaotic. Now, Nick Hamm‘s new film “Driven” will close the Venice Film Festival.

“Driven” will be a slightly comedic take on the rise and fall of John DeLorean. He became well known in the auto industry for managing the development of the Pontiac Firebird and GTO. However, DeLorean’s real rise occurred during the 1980’s as his car company became famous around the world. However, the designer surrounded himself with yes-men and con men who would bring his company down. Among them was an ex-con named Jim Hoffman, who would become an FBI informant.

In “Driven,” DeLorean will be played by Lee Pace and Hoffman will be played by Jason Sudeikis. Also on board are Cory Stoll and Judy Greer. Hamm’s choice to take a comedic path is probably for the best. The story is absurd, almost “Wolf of Wall Street” in scale. Using DeLorean’s story as a way to examine the excess of the 1980s is a great way to examine his story. The World Premiere at Venice bodes well, and the Closing Night status should help “Driven” gain a little higher profile.

What do you think of “Driven?” Will Hamm get a big boost from the film? What do you think about the DeLorean story? Let us know in the comments below! 

The Venice Film Festival runs from August 29th, 2018 to September 8th, 2018.