Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne Circling ‘The Good Nurse’


Since “Psycho” debuted in 1960, the serial killer has taken on a unique place in American cinema. Norman BatesHannibal Lecter, and the Zodiac have all been created iconic thrillers through the use of the serial killer. While they all border on becoming horror films, each contains strong elements of thrillers that keep audiences engaged. A film that is currently in production is seeking to tell the story of one of the most prolific killers in history. With Jessica Chastain and Eddie Redmayne looking to join the cast, “The Good Nurse” will be one to watch for.

Eddie RedmayneAccording to Deadline, both Chastain and Redmayne are in negotiations for roles in the film. Redmayne would play Charlie Cullen, a male nurse who may have killed over 300 patients over 16 years. Known as “The Angel of Death,” he spread mayhem across 9 hospitals in New Jersey and Pennsylvania. Chastain will play one of Cullen’s co-workers who begins to realize what Cullen was doing, and helped the Newark Police catch him.

Redmayne and Chastain remain two of the top actors in Hollywood. Redmayne won his first Oscar for “The Theory of Everything” in 2015, and now headlines the “Fantastic Beast” franchise. Chastain stepped into the role of activist and producer after realizing few women get the chance to make movies. She continues to advocate for more women to find their way into the industry and continues to deliver Oscar-worthy performances. The two actors show extreme talent, which could make this project something to keep an eye on. Director Tobias Lindholm will make his English language debut with “The Good Nurse” after success with “The Hunt” and “A War” in the Foreign Language race.

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