‘The Front Runner’ Jumps Its Release Day Up to Officially Release on Election Day


It is often surprising when political films choose to release in any time other than the Fall. If for no other reason, there seems to be a financial incentive to release around the time of the election cycles in the United States. Many political films have found success by releasing later in the year. Just in the past few years, “The Post,” “Lincoln,” and “Selma” have found that success. In a time defined by political strife, it is not surprising another film focused on a politician has chosen that path. Yet in a surprising twist, “The Front Runner” from director Jason Reitman has shifted its release date.

It’s not a big shift, just one day, but it does mark an industry first. According to Deadline, “The Front Runner” will release on November 6th, which is election day throughout the country. The midterms have been the focus of the political world for the past few months, making this an important date. The film was originally slated for a Wednesday release on November 7th. Moving it up a day also gives the film an odd Tuesday release.

The film stars Hugh Jackman as Gary Hart, whose extramarital affairs cost him a chance at the presidency. The film is directed by Jason Reitman and also features J.K. Simmons and Vera Farmiga. Our own Mark Johnson reviewed the film at Telluride last weekend. We also received a trailer in the days leading up to Telluride. Jackman has received praise from other critics, and a weak field could make it possible he finds his way into the Oscar race. The move may help the box office for the film, which could help its overall Oscar chances.

What do you think of the date change? Will this help “The Front Runner” gain a stronger box office? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below! 

“The Front Runner” will release on Nov. 6, 2018. Sony will handle distribution.

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