Often overshone by the premieres of future Oscar players is the excitement of the acquisition market at the Toronto International Film Festival. TIFF remains one of the best markets for independent features to sell to large distributors. It can also be fruitful ground for studios looking to sure up their lineup prior to Oscar season. One actress that has been on a roll in the past couple years is Isabelle Huppert, who picked up an Oscar nomination for “Elle” from 2016. Now, she might find herself back in the race with Neil Jordan picture, “Greta,” which just sold to Focus Features.

According to Deadline, Focus made a $6 Million bid to secure the rights for “Greta,” beating out NetflixLionsgate, and NEON in the process. The feature also stars Chloë Grace Moretz as the lead of the film. The story follows Moretz as she moves to New York City. She quickly befriends the older Huppert, and the two hit it off. However, when Moretz begins to hang out with other young adults, the friendship changes. Some have described the film as a genre thriller in the vein of “Fatal Attraction” and films of that nature. With very real stakes, the cat and mouse game becomes a tension driven battle.

This sounds like an interesting genre play for Focus, who can build off of Huppert and her legendary status. Mortez is also somewhat of a star right now in Hollywood. She received some acclaim for her role in the “Miseducation of Cameron Post,” and still has “Suspiria” later this year. The combination of the two actresses in certainly intriguing. With Jordan, the director and writer of “The Crying Game” back in the fold, this one could pop. This is a good TIFF pickup by Focus Features.

What do you think of the Focus Features pick up of “Greta?” Can Huppert surprise with another nomination? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below!