A24 loves to work with strong filmmakers and they’ve proven it over the years. From Great Gerwig to Barry Jenkins, the studio loves to bring up new talent. However, they’ve also spent time working to make inroads with established filmmakers. Today, they reached a deal to bring one of those filmmakers into the fold. At TIFFClaire Denis‘ new film “High Life” debuted to some strong reviews. While there are some detractors, the new feature starring Robert Pattinson and Juliette Binoche seems like a cool sci-fi piece. That made it an obvious acquisition target for A24.

According to Deadline, a deal was reached between A24 and the producers for a low seven-figure total. A24 will now handle the North American distribution rights for the sci-fi film that is said to be Kubrick-ian at times. Given the studios ability to market weird films, especially genre pictures, this feels like a good bargain. Additionally, Pattinson will be a box office draw for some. “Good Time” brought in over $2 million at the box office in 2017.

“High Life” follows Pattinson as he works on a ship heading to deep space. The ship carries Pattinson and his daughter as they transport prisoners to a black hole. His daughter is a baby, born in transit. Pattinson is tasked with keeping the prisoners, each considered highly dangerous. As various characters begin to awaken, conflicts and drama ensue. The film bears similarities to other space prisoner movies, but with Denis at the helm, it becomes something special. While it contains some of her trademark styles, it pays off through aesthetics and pacing. Considering that the cast also has BinocheMia Goth, and André Benjamin, this one looks to have all the goods.

What do you think of “High Life” being acquired by A24? Will this be another hit for the indie studio? Let us know your thoughts in the comments below!