For many young horror and science fiction fans, Neil Gaiman remains one of the great modern authors in genre writing. Gaiman’s “American Gods” television series was well received upon release. Yet his story for “Coraline” could be his most famous property adaptation. “Stardust,” “Lucifer,” and “How to Talk to Girls at Parties” are just a few more of his works to come to screens around the world. Gaiman understands genre storytelling, and in the modern landscape of niche becoming king, his work can draw an audience. That makes the upcoming “Good Omens,” starring David Tennant and Michael Sheen a fun one to keep an eye on.

The teaser lays out the groundwork for the story. In modern days, an angel (Sheen) lives his life pleasantly. Yet when he receives a call from his demon friend (Tennant), the two decide to stop the Apocalypse. The limited series brings the two strong actors together in what looks like a very fun engagement. With Gaiman writing, the project looks to be in good hands at Amazon.

Sheen and Tennant remain two of the most interesting British actors today. Both are considered masters at their craft, but neither particularly pushes for fame and fortune.

Tennant is most loved for playing the tenth doctor on “Doctor Who.” He most recently appeared in the great reboot of “Ducktales” as Scrooge McDuck. And he stars in HBO’s “Camping” this fall as well.

Meanwhile, Sheen took on smaller roles in various projects. He appears in “Apostle” on Netflix this week. He also appeared in “Passengers, Home Again,” and “Brad’s Status” over the past few years. Still, Sheen’s track record should have him contending for big awards. Regardless, “Good Omens” can help bring both of the British actors back into the popular consciousness, and with Gaiman’s help, hopefully, become a hit.

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“Good Omens” will release in 2019. Amazon Prime will distribute the limited series.