WATCH: Max Minghella Hopes ‘Teen Spirit’ Will Make Elle Fanning a Big Time Pop Star


Elle Fanning continues to surprise moviegoers through a variety of art roles over the past few years.  While Her sister, Dakota Fanning, often appeared in blockbusters, Elle established a long line of art credit. The young actress could take any route in her career, but her willingness to work on art projects and prestige directors has kept her out of the public eye. While she received acclaim for her role in “The Beguiled” from Sophia Coppola, a couple of her films missed the mark. However, she continues to put in real work across the circuit, and the directorial debut from Max Minghella looks to give her a different look. With “Teen Spirit,” Fanning joins Lady Gaga, Natalie Portman, and Elisabeth Moss on the pop star movie circuit.

The trailer shows Elle Fanning as she begins her rise to stardom. From a young girl working a day job, she dreams of a better life. She enters a competition “Teen Spirit” and begins to push her ambition and drive to become a musician. With the help of unconventional mentors, she stands a chance to compete. However, where will her ambition take her?

Fanning looks great in the short trailer, and Minghella appears to have a strong directorial hand. The imagery looks great, but out of context, a trailer can look excellent. “Teen Spirit” debuted at the Toronto Film Festival and received a mixed reaction. With Bleeker Street picking up the film, they hope that it can be a surprise his in the spring. Then again, time and time again we’ve seen films go to Toronto and emerge as contenders the following year. “The Wife” is just our latest example. With a few extra months of polish, look for “Teen Spirit” to make waves on the independent scene in the near future.

What do you think of the trailer for “Teen Spirit” from Max Mangella? Do you think this will help Elle Fanning continue to gain career momentum? Let us hear your thoughts in the comments below! 

“Teen Spirit” opens April 5, 2019. Bleeker Street will distribute. 

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