Circuit Q&A – Name Your Favorite J.K. Simmons’ Performances


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A very Happy Birthday goes out today to J.K. Simmons! One of the premiere character actors in the business, Simmons has seen his star really start to shine in recent years. Of course, he swept the awards season with his turn in “Whiplash,” justifiably winning the Oscar for Best Supporting Actor. We want to dig a little bit deeper though today. In honor of his birthday, what is everyone’s favorite Simmons performance that isn’t “Whiplash?”

With someone as talented as Simmons, there’s never a shortage of options to choose from. His work with Jason Reitman has produced a whole host of notable supporting performances, namely with the one-two punch of “Juno” and “Up in the Air.” He also just appeared in Reitman’s latest, “The Front Runner,” continuing that fruitful partnership which has spanned a number of years. Prior to “Whiplash,” Simmons was undoubtedly best known for playing J. Jonah Jameson in the Sam Raimi “Spider-Man” trilogy. Beyond that, he is a reliable voice to hear in animated features, along with being a go-to father figure in both comedies and dramas. There are few steadier cinematic presences than J.K. Simmons. He’s often the marrow that holds a film together.

There’s even a nice variety of small screen choices for you all. Simmons can currently be seen on Starz’s “Counterpart,” while in years past he appeared on “The Closer,” “Law & Order,” and “Oz.” Don’t forget about his occasional appearances on Netflix’s “Bojack Horseman.” That doesn’t even take into account his many guest spots on all sorts of animated shows, including “American Dad” and “Robot Chicken.”

An embarrassment of riches to choose from, so it’ll be fascinating to see what you all pick. Let us know which Simmons turn, aside from “Whiplash,” is your favorite. Have at it!

What Are Your Favorite J.K. Simmons Performances Aside From “Whiplash?”

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