Circuit Q&A – Do You Want More “Choose Your Own Adventures” Like ‘Bandersnatch?’


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For many a young reader, Choose Your Own Adventure stories were some of the most fun you could have with a book. Getting to have some say in how the story turned out was a blast. As an added bonus, you could always hold your finger down on a previous page and see what other choices you could have made. Now, with “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” attempting to bring this to Netflix, we’re curious if it’s something you’re eager to see more of. Is it a new frontier or just a gimmick?

Black Mirror” seems like the perfect testing ground for this sort of thing, considering their ability to tell all sorts of tales. Perhaps the series could continue to put out one episode or a stand-alone movie like this each season? Creator Charlie Brooker has already given it one shot. If he found it to be a fulfilling experience, maybe he’ll go back to the well again soon?

Maybe a full-on Choose Your Own Adventure series is just what the doctor ordered? A different episode each time could have a new premise that you control the outcome of. That way, it wouldn’t just be science fiction. There could be dramas, comedies, horrors, even romances. Then again, you might think it’s all just nonsense and prefer to have a story told to you. It might just come down to whether you prefer a more passive viewing experience or not.

We want to hear from you. Is this something you want more of? Or, is Choose Your Own Adventure just a gimmick? Let us know!

Do You Want To See More Of The Choose Your Own Adventure Style That “Black Mirror: Bandersnatch” Experimented With?

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