Viral Circuit: Wisconsin Girl Found and Where’s Danny?

Weekend Viral Circuit

Here is your weekend Viral Circuit for January 14.

Meanwhile…Look Up At the Super Blood Wolf Moon

In Stephen Colbert’s “Meanwhile” segment the audience learns that no one will host the Oscars, instead, the Academy will focus on clusters of top tier talent to introduce the categories. We also learned that January will host the Super Blood Wolf Moon, which is when the moon is closest in orbit to the Earth. Other newsworthy stories include the new Saudi Arabia law requiring women to be notified through text if their husbands divorce them, and a rare painting is destroyed by a cat.

The Pineapple Singer is Finally Revealed!

In the surrealistic, oddball show “The Masked Singer,” the celebrity judges wait in suspense and scream, “Take it off! Take it off!” Who is the singer? Watch and see!

Where’s Danny?

In this wonderful game of hide-and-seek, Danny, a worker at Vat 19 (a shop that sells curious novelties) has to hide from plain sight from his boss, Jamie. The rules are that Danny cannot hide from Jamie in a hidden spot, and he cannot be moving. Will Jamie find Danny? Watch and see!

Scrolls are Infiltrating Your Planet

This is the final trailer for the Marvel film starring Brie Larson, “Captain Marvel.” The trailer shows Larson beating up Scrolls, photon-blasting, and teaming up with Samuel L. Jackson to save Earth. It also shows Larson’s Carol Danvers journeying through her past to find out who she is and where she gets her powers. It also stars Jude Law, Gemma Chan, and Clark Gregg.

Finally Found!

Jayme Closs is a teen who was allegedly abducted by 21-year-old Jake Thomas Patterson after he killed her parents. She is reunited with her family after she was kept a hostage for three months. She escaped when her alleged captor left the house where she was hidden. The police believe that Closs never interacted with Patterson before her parents were killed and she was taken.

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