Viral Circuit: Freezing Inmates, Fortnite Concert, and Super Bowl Commercials

Viral Circuit

Here is your Viral Circuit for the weekend of February 4.

5. Freezing in Jail

There were protests outside out of a federal jail in Brooklyn, New York due to inmates and workers enduring freezing conditions. The government has responded by messaging that the lack of heat and hot water is due to a partial power outage. Inmates have reacted to their circumstances by tapping on their windows to get anyone from the outside to notice their plight.

4. A Concert in a Video Game

Well-renowned electronic dance musician Marshmello has played a virtual concert within the game of Fortnite. This free concert was enjoyed throughout the world by Fortnite players. The concert sees avatars dancing and jumping at the concert.

3. Peyton Manning and John Malkovich, What?!

Peyton Manning and John Malkovich star in the 53rd annual Super Bowl Opening. Manning sits in a room filled with advertisement executives explaining his gladiator metaphor commercial for the Super Bowl. Malkovich calls in through video chat and explains how football doesn’t have to be compared to gladiators because the game is already lore onto itself.

2. #KillerSkin

Sarah Michelle Geller stars in Olay’s horror slasher inspired commercial. Geller and a male friend are watching a movie during a stormy night while a raincoat wearing masked killer views from the outside. The killer breaks into the house and chases Geller and her friend up the stairs. Geller reveals to her friend that she realizes that there is a killer on the loose because she has been using Olay and it has transformed her face from being blotchy to being clear.

1. Somebody’s Got A Stinky Booty

John Legend and Adam Levine star in a Pampers’ commercial. Legend starts singing his tune, “Somebody’s Got a Stinky Booty,” while there is a male barbershop chorus consisting of dads carrying babies singing the same tune. The male chorus splits, and reveals Levine singing the remaining lyrics, “And Daddy’s going to clean it up,” to his baby.

What do you think about these digital recaps? Are there any ones you like or don’t like? Any ones that I missed? Send us your comments!