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Music is an essential part of cinema. Scores and songs can fuel a film in so many ways. Interestingly though, you rarely see songs utilized as inspiration for movies. Almost everything else gets adapted, be it books, comics, games, even toys. But songs? Not so much. Today, we want to try and fix that. So, we want to get your help. Are there songs that feel cinematic to you and would potentially make good movies?

There are some musicians who do story songs, which in their nature have cinematic potential. Just watch Bruce Springsteen talk about any of his songs during “Springsteen on Broadway” and you’ll see the movie in your head. John Mayer even has a song called The Heart of Life becoming a television show currently. Enterprising creative types are hopefully starting to see the potential in this untapped resource. Perhaps in the years to come, we’ll see more songs get adapted?

In fact, Springsteen has already seen one of his songs get turned into a film. Sean Penn adapted Highway Patrolman into one of his first directorial efforts, “The Indian Runner.” The broad strokes of the song are in place, while Penn gives it his own expansion. More filmmakers should try this. Would it always work? No, of course not. Would it be worth trying? Of course. Greatness could be unlocked. It would only take the right tune.

Sing for us, ladies and gentlemen. Is there a song or songs that you think would make a good movie? Let the world know!

What Are Some Songs You Think Could Make For Good Films?

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