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Today is Rob Reiner‘s birthday! The Academy Award nominated director is 72 years old, and still going strong. Oscar tapped him for producing “A Few Good Men,” which he also helmed. For a time, Reiner was one of the most powerful creative voices in Hollywood. His star has dimmed a bit in recent years, but he remains a prolific creator. To celebrate his birthday, we want to know about your all-time favorite Reiner works. What’s been your favorite so far of his?

The actor turned filmmaker made an incredible debut with “This Is Spinal Tap.” What followed was a really strong run that also included “The American President,” “Misery,” “The Princess Bride,” “Stand By Me,” and “When Harry Met Sally…” as well. That doesn’t even include the aforementioned “A Few Good Men,” which the Academy gave a Best Picture nomination to. That crop alone would make any director a star. For Reiner, it may be the heights of his efforts, but it’s hardly all he’s put out during his long career.

Reiner has a handful of works that are a bit below the radar but still worthy of your time. Efforts like “Flipped,” “Ghosts of Mississippi,” and “The Sure Thing” don’t get a ton of love but are rock solid endeavors. Even recent political works like “LBJ” and “Shock and Awe” show the fire still burns brightly in Reiner’s belly.

Your turn ladies and gentlemen. On his birthday, what are your favorite Rob Reiner films? We’re all ears!

What Are Your Favorite Rob Reiner Works To Date?

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