Denzel Washington is in talks to star in “Little Things” from Warner Bros.

According to a report from VarietyJohn Lee Hancock is writing the script, and is considering directing the feature as well.

From the article in Variety:

“The story follows a burned-out Kern County deputy sheriff named Deke, played by Washington, who teams with a crack LASD detective, Baxter, to reel in a wily serial killer. Deke’s nose for the “little things” proves eerily accurate, but his willingness to circumvent the rules embroils Baxter in a soul-shattering dilemma. Meanwhile, Deke must wrestle with a dark secret from his past.”

Washington is eyeing the role of Deke. Last year, the Oscar winner made headlines with his first sequel, “The Equalizer 2,” a commercial success, even if it was panned by critics. He has eight Oscar nominations for acting, including two wins for “Glory” and “Training Day.” His 2017 film, “Fences,” earned him an additional nomination for Best Picture, plus a statuette for Supporting Actress Viola Davis.

John Lee Hancock has been writing and directing since the early 1990s, making his feature debut with “Hard Time Romance” in 1991. Over the years, he has written and/or directed higher profile films including “The Alamo,” “The Blindside,” and “Saving Mr. Banks.”

Hancock’s most recent film, “The Highwaymen,” is a collaboration with Netflix that hits theaters and the streaming service this month. The film premiered Sunday night at the SXSW Film Festival in Austin, Texas.

There is no word yet on when “Little Things” will make its way to theaters. Also currently unknown is who will join Washington in the cast.

What do you think about the idea for “Little Things?” Who should co-star with Denzel Washington? Share your thoughts in the comments!