Kino Lober Picks Up ‘Pasolini’ Starring Willem Dafoe, Five Years After Venice Premiere

Willem Dafoe photographed for Variety by Billy Kidd at the Toronto Film Festival September 2017.

It’s been a long time coming for Abel Ferrara-directed “Pasolini” to see the lights of distribution. As reported on by The Hollywood Reporter, the biopic about Italian film director Pier Paolo Pasolini‘s last day of life has been picked up by Kino Lober.

Pier Paolo Pasolini directed the works of “The Hawks and the Sparrows,” “Teorema,” “The Decamoran” and the divisive watch “Salò, or the 120 Days of Sodom,” shortly before his eerie death. The later film followed the story of a group of fascist libertines who inflict brutal physical abuses onto a group of adolescents. Pasolini lived his creative life deeply involved with various forms of arts, theater, and poetry. He was considered by many to be a key player in the Italian neorealism movement. In 2008, work was done by filmmaker Giuseppe Bertolucci in “La rabbia di Pasolini” to try and reconstruct a fully complete copy of Pasolini’s 1963 film “La rabbia.”

Four-time Oscar nominee Willem Dafoe stars as the filmmaker on his last day of life. Dafoe was nominated most recently for his role as artist Vincent van Gogh in Julian Schnabel’s “At Eternity’s Gate.”

Ferrara’s “Pasolini” biopic first premiered at the 2014 Venice Film Festival to an eventual Golden Lion nomination for Ferrara. Later that year, it screened at Toronto International Film Festival, as well as New York Film Festival. The story is written by Maurizio Braucci.

From the THR story:

Kino Lorber, which has taken all North American rights, plans a long-awaited commercial theatrical release May 10, ahead of a VOD and home video release in the fall. “Not your average biopic, passion meets passion in this very provocative film…. Some audiences may be scandalized, but that is exactly what Pasolini would have wanted,” Julien Rejl, head of Capricci Film, said in a statement.

Wendy Lidell, senior vice president at Kino Lober, and Capricci Film’s Rejl negotiated the distribution deal for the film. “Pasolini” will be distributed in the U.S. in a commercial theatrical run on May 10, with a VOD release to follow in the fall.

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