CinemaCon Unveils Exclusive Footage for ‘The Lion King’ and ‘Toy Story 4’


Jon Favreau‘s upcoming telling of the “The Lion King” debuted an exclusive clip to theater owner attendees at CinemaCon Wednesday evening. Another beloved story got the exclusive reveal as Josh Cooley‘s “Toy Story 4” showcased its first 17 minutes of the film to a lucky crowd at their presentation.

CinemaCon, the four day annual convention, brings film studios and theater owners to gather and reveal the exclusive clips of upcoming films and blockbuster surveying. The new “The Lion King” footage seems to prove the effervescent photorealism the first official clip introduced to us back in February.

As detailed on Variety:

Director Jon Favreau has created a stunningly realistic African savannah, a sun-baked landscape that teems with herds of antelopes and elephants. A spider web is all dew-caked gossamer, the long grasses sway in the wind, and the lions’ fur is a thing of beauty, matted and moving along with the breeze. The footage, despite its familiarity, received strong applause from the crowd of theater owners, who weren’t just blown away by the technical accomplishment — they no doubt recognize a box office smash when they see one.

“The Lion King” pounces its way into theaters July 19. It is produced by Fairview Entertainment and Walt Disney Pictures. Favreau directs with a script written by Jeff Nathanson, from Brenda Chapman‘s original story supervision.

Moreover, the Cooley-directed “Toy Story 4” received enormous reception. Relying more or less on the charm and nostalgia these toys bring onto the screen, the potential box office hit wastes no time in its first few scenes.

As detailed by Variety:

The last installment, “Toy Story 3,” ended with the toy’s long-time owner Andy passing his beloved friends to Bonnie before heading off to college.

“Toy Story 4” begins with a distraught Bonnie, who doesn’t want to leave her toys behind, preparing for her kindergarten orientation. Her toys are her close confidants at home, but at school, Bonnie has trouble making new friends. It doesn’t get any easier for her when, after her teacher tasks the students with decorating a cup, a male classmate comes over and snatches all the crafts off Bonnie’s table. He’s not looking for a new pal.

Elsewhere in Bonnie’s backpack, it’s Woody to the rescue. Against the better wishes of Bonnie’s parents, the lovable sheriff snuck into school to ensure his owner adjusts to classroom life. When nobody is looking, Woody hops into the trashcan and tosses some unused supplies onto Bonnie’s work station. Bonnie doesn’t know where the materials came from, but she uses them — a plastic spork, a bright red pipe cleaner, and some googly eyes — to create a friend of her own: Forky.

Produced by Pixar Animation and Walt Disney Studios, “Toy Story 4” comes to theaters June 21.

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