This page keeps track of all awards screeners and materials that are sent throughout the awards season to Editor, Clayton Davis, who is a member of the Broadcast Film Critics Association.  Ratings are added as films are watched with brief commentary.

*All ratings are on a four-star scale.*

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10/17/2012The Best Exotic Marigold HotelJudi Dench and Bill Nighy campaigned Lead.  Everyone else supporting (Fox Searchlight)(***) Film is decent, merely forgettable.  Wilkinson shines.
10/20/2012SmashedFYC – Picture, Ensemble, Actress, Actor, Supporting Actress, Supporting Actor (Sony Pictures Classics)(**½) Too short.  Doesn’t develop enough.  Winstead carries mostly.
10/20/2012Searching for SugarmanFYC – Best Documentary Feature; Also included (Sony Pictures Classics)(****) One of the best documentaries I’ve ever seen about music.  EVER.
10/22/2012Side by SideFYC – Best Documentary Feature(***)
10/23/2012BernieDVD Box Copy(***½) Jack Black surprises as he puts all antics and mannerisms of himself aside.
11/02/2012Safety Not Guaranteed FYC – All categories(**½) Mostly drags with an interesting concept.  Mark Duplass gets most of my attention.
11/05/2012SamsaraFYC – Best Documentary Feature, Cinematography, Editing(***) If Terrence Malick had physically had sex with
11/09/2012ArbitrageFYC – Picture, Lead Actor from Lionsgate(***½) Great ensemble, brilliant writing and directing.  Gere is especially good along with Nate Parker.
11/09/2012The SessionsFYC – Picture, Actor, Supporting Actress from Fox Searchlight(***½) Pleasant.  Hunt’s never been better.  Hawkes is feel-good.
11/09/2012The Invisible WarDVD Box Copy(***½) Devastatingly real and very informative.
11/09/2012Beasts of the Southern WildFYC – Best Picture, Actress, Supporting Actress, Cinematography – Fos Searchlight Pictures(***½) Wallis is good but Henry is simply superb.  Cinematography stands out significantly.
11/09/2012The InnkeepersPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012Sound of NoisePart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012V/H/SPart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(**)
11/09/2012The Magic of Belle IslePart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(**) Freeman and Madsen wasted.  Dreary, predictable story.
11/09/2012Nobody WalksPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012The HunterPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012HeadhuntersPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012DeadfallPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012360Part of Magnolia Pictures Pack(*) Rough, rough, rough.  Couldn’t even finish it.
11/09/2012CompliancePart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(**) What Ann Dowd does right, the rest of the film does wrong.
11/09/2012Take this WaltzPart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(***) Interesting following of a woman and her relationship(s).  Williams continues to prove her talents.
11/09/2012God Bless AmericaPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012Queen of VersaillesPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/20122 Days in New YorkPart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(***) Chris Rock shows some true acting range while Delpy’s fumbled script does provide some warming moments and laughs.
11/09/2012Tim & Eric’s Billion Dollar MoviePart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012Beyond the Black RainbowPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012MarleyPart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(***) Overlong but almost necessary to give insight into one of music’s greatest legends.
11/09/2012The Good DoctorPart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(**) Orlando Bloom is surprisingly dark and enriched.  Film doesn’t offer any real place to go.
11/09/2012Jack & DianePart of Magnolia Pictures Pack(**) Boring, unimaginative, Juno Temple wasted.
11/09/2012I WishPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012A Royal AffairPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012GoonPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012Jiro Dreams of SushiPart of Magnolia Pictures PackTBD
11/09/2012Red Hook SummerFYC – Picture, Director, etc.(***½)Spike Lee creates honesty and raw intensity featuring a powerful performance by Clarke Peters.
11/09/2012Dr. Seuss’ The LoraxSoundtrack and Score also sent.(**)While it looks fine, story and overdeveloped concept hurts it.
11/13/2012Madagascar 3: Europe’s Most WantedBest Animated FeatureTBD
11/14/2012The ImposterBest Documentary FeatureTBD Screener didn’t work.  Awaiting replacement.
11/14/2012Shut Up and Play the HitsFrom OscilloscopeTBD
11/14/2012Hello I Must Be GoingBest Actress – Melanie Lynskey – From Oscilloscope(**) Melanie Lynskey can’t save the film from boredom. Poorly paced.
11/14/2012Brooklyn Brothers Beat the BestFrom OscilloscopeTBD
11/14/2012TchoupitoulasFrom OscilloscopeTBD
11/14/2012Only the YoungFrom OscilloscopeTBD
11/14/2012Wuthering HeightsFrom OscilloscopeTBD
11/14/201228 Hotel RoomsFrom OscilloscopeTBD
11/14/2012Booker’s PlaceFrom Tribeca FilmTBD
11/15/2012The Rabbi’s CatGKIDS(***) Very heavy in subject matter but witty and charming.
11/15/2012Le TableauGKIDSTBD
11/15/2012Bad 25Documentary FeatureTBD
11/15/2012The DeepForeign Language FilmTBD
11/15/2012Bernie (2nd Copy)See Above(***½)
11/17/2012AmourFrom Sony Pictures Classics(****)Heartwrenching with two leads that were born to act together. Could be the year’s best film.
11/17/2012West of MemphisFrom Sony Pictures Classics – FYC Best Documentary(****) Superbly paced, marvelously told, and exquisitely directed by Amy Berg.
11/17/2012This is 40From Universal Pictures – FYC All categories(***)Judd Apatow’s most mature outing as a writer/director with Leslie Mann shining once again. Terrific original song.
11/17/2012Snow White & the HuntsmanFrom Universal Pictures – DVD copy(**)Might sound shallow but I only like it for its looks.
11/17/2012SavagesDVD copyTBD
11/21/2012FrankenweenieFYC – Best Animated Feature(***)Burton back to what he does best; great animation, clever story
11/21/2012ArgoFYC – Every category(****)Ben Affleck’s most technically sound. Also, one of his best performances.
11/21/2012The Dark Knight Rises(***½)Terrific ending to a great franchise. Nolan’s direction shines once again.
11/21/2012ParaNormanFYC – Best Animated Feature(***) Stunning animation with some over-the-top funny moments.
11/21/2012TedBlu-Ray Copy(***So awesome in every sense of the comedic word. MacFarlane is a force to be reckoned with in the cinematic world.
11/21/2012On the RoadFYC – All categories(***)Superb writing featuring Kristen Stewart and Garrett Hedlund at their best.
11/21/2012Anna KareninaFYC – All categories from Focus Features(**½) Keira Knightley and Jude Law are fine but the film ultimately loses focus and its ambition is completely loss in a dreary story and script.
11/21/2012The Eye of the StormFrom Sycamore Entertainment GroupTBD
11/21/2012BraveFYC – Animated Feature and others from Disney(***)Smooth animation, not so smooth writing or characters.
11/21/2012The Perks of Being a WallflowerFYC – From Summit Entertainment(***½) A star is born in Logan Lerman.  Stephen Chbosky’s tender touch on the material is even more impressive.
11/21/2012The ImpossibleFYC – From Summit Entertainment(***½)Heartbreaking story featuring Naomi Watts in a career best performance. Big contender.
11/21/2012Moonrise KingdomFYC – From Focus Features(***½)Wes Anderson does it again with a quirky story and two outstanding young leads.
11/21/2012Cloud AtlasFYC – From Warner Bros.(***)Ambitious but OVERLY ambitious. Doona Bae slays her role in the best breakout turn of the year.
11/21/2012Room 237FYC – Documentary Feature from IFC FilmsTBD
11/21/2012The Central Park FiveFYC – Documentary Feature from Sundance Films(***½) Exposes the ugly of our legal system while witnessing the loss of innocence and youth.  Near brilliant.
11/21/2012Mighty FineNo information givenTBD
11/21/2012Magic MikeDVD Copy(**)While Matthew McConaughey entertains, everything around him is stale, sluggish, and unoriginal.
11/21/2012Act of ValorDVD CopyTBD
11/21/2012Delhi SafariFYC – Best Animated FeatureTBD Screener didn’t finish.  To be continued…
12/02/12Rust & BoneFYC – All Categories(***)While Cotillard impresses, Schoenaerts steals the show. Problematic in places but overall good.
12/02/12Trial By Fire: Lives of Re-ForgedFYC – DocumentaryTBD
12/02/12The House I Live InFYC – Best DocumentaryTBD
12/02/12BullyFYC – Best DocumentaryTBD
12/02/12The IntouchablesFYC – Foreign Language FilmTBD
12/02/12FlightFYC – All Categories(***½)Denzel Washington, John Goodman, and Kelly Reilly impress and John Latins screenplay is impressive in places but misses on opportunities in others.
12/02/12QuartetFYC – All CategoriesTBD
12/02/12Mirror MirrorFYC – Best Costume DesignTBD
12/02/12Ginger & RosaFYC – All Categories(**)Elle Fanning is fine but the film certainly is not.
12/02/12Mighty FineTBD
12/02/12Brooklyn’s CastleTBD
12/02/12Silver Linings PlaybookFYC – All Categories(***½)Bradley Cooper does his finest work and DeNiro hasn’t been this good in years. Russell elevates his skills in some areas while shows his weaknesses in others.
12/02/12Seven PsychopathsFYC – All Categories(***½)Sam Rockwell, Christopher Walken, and Woody Harrelson shine like other. McDonagh’s script is impressive but does female counterparts no favors.
12/02/12A Late QuartetFYC – All CategoriesTBD
12/02/12Halloween PartyFYC – Original Song (s)TBD
12/02/12LincolnFYC – All Categories (In the most beautiful packaging of any FYC screener ever) TBD Uploaded(***½)Tommy Lee Jones and James Spader steal the show while Tony Kushner and Steven Spielberg produce their finest works. Historical, emotional, and surprisingly humorous.
12/02/12Les MiserablesFYC – All Categories(****)No comment (yet)
12/02/12Wreck-It RalphFYC – Animated Feature and Song(***)Great animation. Terrific beginning and end. Rough middle-patch. Love the Original song.

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    • LOL. It’s not at the top of my list of things to watch but I might have to eventually. Everyone saying its bad makes me wanna see what its all about.

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