Awards Circuit Community Awards Voting Station (2015)

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Awards Circuit believes in giving its readers a chance to weigh in on things that were going on before the internet, at least in its current state, existed.  ACCA gives you the opportunity.  It’s time to weigh in on this past year that just ended.

Down below you can vote on each of the 22 categories.  You will have six choices per category EXCEPT for Best Motion Picture where you are given ten choices plus a “write-in” for any film or performance that isn’t listed.  You will only be able to vote once so make sure you have your choices well thought-out before you click submit.

Please take note that in Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay, the same full list of films are listed but you are voting for the “original films” in Original Screenplay and “adapted” in Adapted Screenplay.

We also include some non-conventional categories like Best Cast Ensemble and Best Stunt Ensemble.