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Awards Circuit believes in giving its readers a chance to weigh in on things that were going on before the internet, in its current state, existed.  ACCA gives you the opportunity.  We continue our look back in time to the year 1997 where Titanic pulled in a record eleven Oscars including Best Picture.  Do you still feel the same way about James Cameron’s epic?  Do you feel something like L.A. Confidential or Good Will Hunting was more deserving?  Or do you want to champion the unsung hero like Afterglow, The Ice Storm, or The Fifth Element in the top categories?  Now’s your chance.  We have also included a much asked for Animated Feature category despite it not being in the Oscar’s existence.  Due to a low number of eligible entries, we will only announce 3 nominees.

Down below you can vote on each of the 18 categories.  You will have six choices per category plus a “write-in” for any film or performance that isn’t listed.  You will only be able to vote once so make sure you have your choices well thought-out before you click submit.

Please take note that in Original Screenplay and Adapted Screenplay, the same films are listed but you are voting for the “original films” in Original Screenplay and “adapted” in Adapted Screenplay.



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  • Steve Glansberg

    Voting for Best Actor was tough! I figured Day-Lewis would get enough votes without my help, so I put in a vote for Mads Mikkelsen from The Hunt. So weird not voting for one of the best historical imitation performances ever (I’d put it on the same level as George C. Scott’s Patton portrayal).

  • Charles

    I voted for:

    Argo – BP
    Ben Affleck – BD
    Lerman – BLA
    Winstead – BLAC
    Hoffman – BSA
    Adams – BSPAC
    The Best Exotic Marigold Hotel – Ensemble

    I forgot the rest…

  • Jamie

    Nominations were one vote per person. This seems to be vote as often as you want. Is that correct?:

    • Clayton Davis

      No. You can only vote one time. The poll won’t accept any more votes from the same person.

  • Tyler

    It wont let me vote. The last few ballots starting with Art direction do not have a VOTE button

  • Tyler

    Still wouldnt let me vote. I refreshed and everything. Went on mobile, etc

  • Will Holston

    I hope everyone re listens to the Pleasantville score before the vote.