LA Film Festival: ‘Moss’ Remains Consistently Inert

Films such as “Mud” or “Winter’s Bone” in recent years have provided a unique look into rural America. Andrea Arnold’s opus “American Honey” also depicts a journey of rebellious youth unleashed as they journey through the flyover states. “Moss,” a Southern coming-of-age tale, hopes to channel the same aloof energy in bringing life to its […]

LA Film Festival Review: ‘And Then There Was Eve’ Introduces Strong New Talent

Missing person dramas work because they incite theories, the sense of discovery, and lay out a puzzle the audience needs to solve. Modern TV recognizes this, illustrated by the glut of procedurals that line the network schedule. However, what happens when the mystery takes away from the story unfolding in front of our eyes? “And […]

LA Film Festival Review: ‘Village People’ Is Fun, But Not Much Else

There’s a whole subgenre of films built around raunchy comedies where tropical vacations go wrong. Who doesn’t like to relax and laugh at some bawdy humor all set against a picturesque tropical locale. “Village People” thinks having both these elements will satisfy audiences enough. However, it fails to achieve its early promise, falling apart near […]

LA Film Festival Review: ‘Catching Feelings’ a Unique But Uneven Dark Romantic Comedy

What’s worse, knowing your spouse is cheating on you or suspecting inappropriate conduct, but having no concrete evidence of wrongdoing? This is the central conflict of “Catching Feelings,” a new darkly funny romantic comedy set in present day South Africa. The film opens with a refreshingly candid old folklore story about the shame of being […]

LA Film Festival Review: ‘Dalya’s Other Country’ Presents Powerful Immigrant Story

The immigrant narrative is one that is familiar throughout film culture. However, in light of the current climate, these powerful stories are being shared more and more. With Syria under attack, there are many people seeking refuge in countries like our own. The documentary “Dalya’s Other Country” charts the journey of a young Syrian girl […]

LA Film Festival Review: Curious George Documentary is a Fascinating Bit of ‘Monkey Business’

It’s fascinating to learn the surprising origin stories behind certain childhood icons. Curious George has been a wholesome staple in children’s literature for 75 years and shows no signs of going away. What’s interesting is the story of the authors of Curious George. The married authors of the children’s series were German Jewish refugees who […]

LA Film Festival Review: ‘And Then I Go’ Haunting Look at Tough Subject

Few topics are as troubling to address as a school shooting. Since the Columbine massacre in 1999, the topic has been stitched in the public consciousness. With gun violence on the rise, these occurrences are only more prevalent. We’ve seen portrayals of victims and their families struggling with the aftermath of violence. However, the perspective […]

LA Film Festival Review: ‘Becks’ Provides a Fresh, Lesbian Romance

The genre of LGBTQ+ films seems predominantly concerned with gay men stories. This makes a film like “Becks” so refreshing. A lesbian romantic drama, the film wears its identity on its sleeve without making it the sole focus of the feature. Instead, the film acts as a lovely and complicated portrait of arrested development. Becks […]

Top 10: Best Monster Movies of All-Time

There’s nothing more frightening and exhilarating than confronting what goes bump in the night. This thrilling observation has helped craft the monster movie genre and kept it around for nearly one hundred year. In many ways, the monster genre shows great flexibility and durability across genres and cultures. Perhaps most famous for the monster genre […]

TV Review: ‘F Is For Family’ a Poignantly Unflattering Family Comedy

Parenting in the ‘70s is a far cry from the traditional overachieving parenting tactics of today. Children went around the neighborhood with little supervision. Parents drank and cursed freely around their kids. At least this is the family dynamic at the center of Netflix’s animated series “F is for Family.” A far cry from the […]

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Top 10: Best Summer Beach Movies

Who doesn’t love summer? The sun, the beach, and no school. This makes it prime moviegoing season, as everyone is free and looking to beat the heat. What better way to do that then retreating to an air conditioned movie theater? Luckily, even before “Jaws” invented the blockbuster, beach movies were already a staple at […]

TV Review: ‘Wizard of Lies’ Tackles Financial Scandal With Great Performances

Few people have been as villainized in modern times than Bernie Madoff. His Ponzi scheme took over $50 billion from Americans, leaving many without their life savings. It’s a tragic story that helped contribute to a financial crisis that rocked the country. It stands to reason that few would want to see this man humanized. […]

TV Review: ‘Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt’ Delivers Laughs But Doesn’t Raise The Bar

Lightning can’t strike thrice, but it can come close. Two years ago Tina Fey and Robert Carlock took a big risk in creating “Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt,” a comedy about a woman starting over after being held captive by a cult leader. In finding the strength within lead Kimmy Schmidt’s (Ellie Kemper) unwavering positivity, the show did […]

Top Ten: Best Mother-Daughter Movie Relationships

There’s nothing like spending Mother’s Day in the movie theater with your mom. Opening this weekend, “Snatched” brings to life a new mother-daughter pairing in Amy Schumer and Goldie Hawn. The film marks Hawn’s return to film after a 15-year hiatus. As mother and daughter find themselves kidnapped while on a South American vacation, “Snatched” […]

Film Review: ‘The Lovers’ Chooses Comfort Over Spark

Nothing puts a spark back into a marriage quite like dual affairs. That’s the central premise behind the new independent film “The Lovers.” That title, and the infidelities at the center, might imply either a raunchy comedy or an over-the-top Lifetime movie. However, the film could not be farther from that. In fact, much like […]

Film Review: ‘Your Name’ Finds Beauty in the Body Switch Trope

Body swapping movies have often been the major plot point in the dopiest of comedies. Leave it to Makoto Shinkai’s latest anime offering to find the beating heart behind the tired premise. “Your Name” is much more “Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind” for teenagers rather than a classier “Freaky Friday.” Two teenagers – a […]

Film Review: Anne Hathaway Has a ‘Colossal’ Good Time

Anne Hathaway was treated like a 100-foot monster barreling towards a preordained Oscar win in 2013. It only makes sense she actually play one a few years later. The actress takes an interesting step in the monster movie genre with the new film “Colossal.” Hathaway has always had impeccable timing and a wealth of charm […]