Interview: Pedro Pascal from ‘Narcos’ talks Netflix and More

Quick: Name the Emmy worthy actor that can give a thoughtful interview with anecdotes about meeting J.K. Rowling after being strapped to a rotating gondola all day on set. If you said Pedro Pascal, then you’d be correct. The actor, currently working on the Kingsman sequel, had a pretty tough day on set when we […]

TV: ‘The Good Wife’ Finale: More Disappointment than Resolution

Wrestling with your feelings about a finale in the immediate aftermath of its airing is always a challenging situation, particularly when it’s an episode like The Good Wife season finale, which was a mess to say the best. Given that Robert and Michelle King have hit us with so many “real life” episodes, like in […]

Supernatural TV: What’s With All These Actors Leaving?

In the current television landscape where diversity is a big talking point and internet hyper-vigilence, it’s not hard to stumble across a controversy. While there are those who might say that this is just tumblr activism, many, such as yours truly, look at this level of watching as deepening the conversation between art and audience. […]